It’s Day Two at ESSENCE Music Festival, and we’re loving all the dynamic seminars at the Convention Center. Being makeup junkies, we were obsessed with the Beauty All-Access faux eyelash tutorial just given by celeb makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis!

Gomez-Duplessis, whose clients include Angela Basset and Kerry Washington, gave two lucky audience members false lash makeovers and explained how to get the look at home. Check out her lash-tastic breakdown, here:

“First, hold the false lashes against your real ones and measure them,” she said. “If they’re wider than your eye, trim them down with cuticle scissors. Next, put a dab of Duo Eyelash Glue in Black ($6, on the back of your hand, and dip the band in the glue. Let it dry until its tacky, then look down and lay the strip against the base of your lashes. Press down at the middle, and then squeeze your lashes to the faux lashes.”

Voila, sexy lashes perfect for a night out on the town — or at the EMF 2011 concerts!