This week, AMBI Cosmetics announced that it will be the official skincare sponsor of the “Dreamgirls” national tour. For gorgeous Syesha Mercado, the “American Idol” alumn who stars as Deena Jones in the play, the partnership is a perfect fit. “When my oldest sister was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with Lupus, and would get butterfly rashes on her face,” Mercado said in a recent statement. “It would leave her skin dry, scarred and uneven. So she started using the AMBI Bar soap to even out her tone and reduce the scarring. When she became a fan, so did I! Doing eight to nine shows a week my skin needs to be pampered…and AMBI Products keep it moisturized and protected.” If using AMBI will gives us glowing skin like Syesha’s, sign us up! For more information on AMBI products, check out Read More: