Black Power: Estee Lauder's Mascara Makeover

Calling all lash lovers: Estee Lauder has given their six signature mascaras a makeover with the Blacker than Black collection. The scientists behind the brand have infused each of their mascara formulas with deeper, darker, more intensely black pigments. The result? Lashes vampy enough to rival Diana Ross' in "Mahogany." The limited edition mascaras hit today, so get on it!
Tia Williams Dec, 04, 2009


Just in time for party season, Estee Lauder has given their six mascaras a major makeover.  In the interest of making your lashes look bolder and hotter than ever, each of the bestselling formulas has been darkened to an intensely deep, jet-black color. Diana Ross in “Mahogany” lashes, here we come.