Drake’s fave show,  Top Boy, has returned for its third season to Netflix after the rapper bought the rights to cult UK show five years ago.

A huge fan of the show, Drake was sad to find out that it had been unceremoniously cancelled in 2013 after two seasons by the UK’s Channel 4. He eventually stepped in to revive the show with its premiere this past Friday.

“The story drew me in,” he told Netflix at the premiere. “Obviously there are so many parallels between Toronto and London.”

Top Boy’s first two seasons were praised for their authenticity and accurate reflection of life on a Hackney estate.

“At first it was kind of, just for me, I was like – I need this back. But then I realized how much it meant to so many people,” Drake, who has an executive producer credit added.

Drake has talked about his love for the show before, giving the series a shout out in “Know Yourself” and tweeting in 2014, “Everybody on Top Boy gives such incredible performances. That show is just too good.”

And although producers once said that they were creating a “significant role” for him, there is no sign of him appearing in the new season. 

Top Boy drops Friday, September 13.

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