There’s something so exhilarating about exiting a salon rocking a fabulous new nail color–you feel special, girly, “polished” (pardon the pun). The inevitable let-down comes a few days later, when your polish starts to chip, turning your exquisite manicure into a hot mess. Thankfully, in May, the geniuses at Creative Nail Design are launching Shellac Hybrid Nail Color, a revolutionary line of twelve shade that apply like polish (base coat, color, top coat), but stay put for two weeks without chipping or fading! Here’s how the in-salon treatment works: The technician applies the product and then cures it in a UV light so there’s no dry time. To remove, the nails are wrapped in Shellac Remover Wraps (acetone-soaked cotton pads that target the nail directly, limiting your skin’s exposure to the chemical). Voila, fourteen days of super-glossy, chip-free nails. Sign us up! For details on where to find CND Shellac salons near you, click here. Read More: