One of our favorite parts of EMF weekendl is taking in all the fabulous hairstyles! Turns out celeb hairstylist Chuckie Amos loved it for the very same reason. The go-to tress tamer for celebs like Solange, Vanessa Williams and Esperanza Spalding, Amos was a star guest at the “My Black is Beautiful” booth at the Convention Center — and he was more inspired than ever by the “real women” passing through. Here, we chatted with him about the tress-tastic experience:

ESSENCE.COM: What’s the biggest trend you saw at EMF?

Chuckie Amos: Thick, healthy, natural hair. While most of the 30-and-older set was relaxed, the younger girls were chemical-free! The internet has exposed them to so much more information than their big sisters, aunts and mom had. When these girls want to emulate a straight celeb style, they just blowout their natural hair or rock a clip-in weave. They’re definitely back — even Beyonce stopped wearing a full weave!

ESSENCE.COM: What do you think the next new wave is in Black hair?

Chuckie Amos: Women that came of age in the ’80s and ’90s love getting their hair done at salons, getting pampered. For these young women I met at EMF, it’s a lot cooler to say you do it yourself! They love researching styles, tips and tricks on blogs and YouTube. I think the future is going to be DIY salons, where you do your own hair and learn from other women. Armed with the information, these young girls have the power to give themselves their own beauty!

ESSENCE.COM: What’s your #1 summer hair tip?

Chuckie Amos: Play with the concept of braids to keep your hair moist and compact, and to keep your head cool. Look at Solange’s braids for inspiration!

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