Chaka Khan EMF 2011 Playlist

EMF Jam Session

Few divas can say they’ve had as long a career as Ms. Chaka Khan. Born and raised in Chicago, she’s given us the confidence to wear afros, halter tops and jaunty hats (“I Feel For You”) and now she’s also rocking the ESSENCE Music Festival stage this July. In celebration, we’ve whipped up a Chaka playlist to kick off your week. Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan…

Tell Me Something Good

The baseline at the beginning of “Tell Me Something Good” is legendary, not to mention Chaka’s sultry lyrics.

Through the Fire

Before Kanye West sampled this track for his own “Through The Wire,” Chaka’s original was the go-to slow drag for any house party.

I Feel For You

Written by Prince and originally released on his 1979 self-titled album, Chaka took a shot at “I Feel For You” in 1984. The diva’s remake was a success, earning Prince a Grammy the following year.

Missing You

Remember the movie “Set It Off”? After the foursome rob the bank, only Jada Pinkett’s character rides off into the sunset, then this song plays as the credits roll. tears

Sweet Thing

Chaka’s soft “Sweet Thing” is one of the best “I love you” jams to email to your lover during a rough day.

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“Stay” is a great sing-a-long song, for the shower or a quick car ride. Stay, stay-ay-ay!

My Funny Valentine

“My Funny Valentine” was a hidden gem on the highly successful “Waiting To Exhale” movie soundtrack.


From her 2007 comeback album “Funk This,” which was produced by Janet Jackson’s favorite collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, “Angel” was a breakout R&B hit.

Ain’t No Body

Did you know that “Ain’t Nobody” was almost a Michael Jackson song? Crazy, right? Quincy Jones wanted writer David Wolinski to give the jam to Mike but he declined.

Every Woman

From the song’s empowering lyrics to the multiple Chaka’s — literally — in the video, “Every Woman” is an anthem that will always remain in style.