Undeniably gifted and extraordinarily talented, Billie Holiday was one of the most important singers of the twentieth century. She sang and co-write songs that have become no less than jazz standards, like “God Bless the Child” and “Strange Fruit.” She’s inspired singers across genres and generations with her innovative, fully original vocals. To reduce Lady Day to just a pretty face is somewhat blasphemous, but she was beautiful! With her flawlessly sculpted brows, crimson lips and nails, and signature cluster of gardenias decorating her hair, Holiday was a purely feminine, naturalized glamour girl, the likes of which Black America had never before seen. Here’s all you’ll need to reproduce her 1940s-era look at home: For perfect brows, try Anastasia Brow Stix Stencils ($14, beauty.com). Paint lips and nails a glossy crimson with Too Faced Lipstick in Drop Dead Red ($18) and Nars Nail Polish in Jungle Red ($16), and tuck a flower pin like Forever 21 Silk Rose Hairclip ($2.50, each) behind an ear.