Best in Beauty 2009

MINX Appeal

Nail bling was one of the hottest accessories of the year – and it all started with the MINX seen around the world. (We’re talking about Beyonce wearing those fabulous, silver metallic nails of course!) When we first spotted it, we knew that we literally had to get our nails on it. Soon enough, we did and now there’s enough MINX patterns for all to share.

Blued Up

No one was afraid to play with color this year – especially when it came to shading the lids. One of the best was the color blue and not only because it looks amazing pictured here on Alicia Keys, but mainly because (when done correctly) it looks great on all of our skin tones.

In the Red

The red lip looks ravishing on everyone (see Rihanna pictured here) and the best part about it is that this year makeup companies offered an array of shades to match all skin tones. If you couldn’t find your shade of red before, we’re sure it’s available now so don’t be afraid to slick it on.

Cat Eye

The winged eyeliner trend has been around for quite some time, but we’re glad that it stayed around for another year. We think that Nicole Ritchie wears it best. The key to getting a flawless liner look like this? Gently pull the lid as close as possible to the eye and apply the liner in smooth strokes, advises makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

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Getting Cheeky

Kerry Washington always looks fresh cheeked – and we think it may have something to do with the beautiful, peachy blush that’s expertly applied to her cheekbones. We also noticed a bevy of pink cheeks backstage during Fashion Week during the Spring 2010 shows, so don’t be so quick to put away your colored blush because we’re sure you’re gonna need it again next year!

Luscious Lashes

One area of your beauty look that you didn’t skimp out on this year was with lashes! 2009 saw the return of the doe-eyes and, whether they were real or faux, it was all about a thick lash. Never one to shy away from a thick eyelash was Keri Hilson – and she scores big in our beauty books for the nailing the look each and every time.

Got Jade?

For once, we didn’t mind letting the world know that we were jaded – well, at least our nails were anyways. This mint colored lacquer quickly became a cult classic after we noticed it on the runways of

Coming Up Daisies

Barely There