Supermodel Sessilee Lopez is having quite the Fashion Week! Not only did she grace the cover of the behind-the-scenes industry bible, Modelinia magazine, she also opened the all-important Zac Posen show! We caught up with the Dominican-born stunner between shows, and she chatted about everything from her love of Armani Luminous Silk Foundation to why she worships Grace Jones.
ESSENCE.COM: What’s been the standout moment of your career so far?
SESSILEE LOPEZ: Being named “Model of the Year” at the Africa Fashion Awards earlier this year was such an honor!  Of course, the Vogue Italia “All Black” cover was also incredible. I was proud to be part of that issue because it says a lot about how the industry is changing. Women of color are finally being recognized in fashion.
ESSENCE.COM: How did it feel to open Zac Posen’s show?
LOPEZ: It was such an honor! The colors, the prints, the entire show had so much energy–it was so much fun to be a part of! I’m always anticipating what Zac will come to the table with next, and this one has really excited me.
ESSENCE.COM: What do you do to prepare for the craziness of Fashion Week?
LOPEZ: Skincare is very important in your beauty regime. I love Embryolisse Lait Crme Concentre–it’s rich, but goes on light enough to keep my skin feeling so smooth, not greasy.
ESSENCE.COM: What’s always in your makeup bag?
LOPEZ: Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is perfect for every shade and is so light that you hardly feel like you have anything on! 
ESSENCE.COM: What’s your favorite fragrance?
LOPEZ: Bvigari Omina Green Jade is such a sexy fragrance, totally my style.  
ESSENCE.COM: What model do you look up to?
People often say I remind them of Grace Jones, which is incredible! I used to be self-conscious of my darker skin, but women like Grace Jones have led the way in showing how beautiful women of color are, no matter their skin color. 
ESSENCE.COM: We love the Modelinia cover!  What music do you listen to during shoots to get you “in the mood?”
LOPEZ: I love what Modelinia does for models, so I was excited to be able to be on the cover. During shoots, I love everything from old school Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, to new hip hop by Jay-Z and Kanye.
ESSENCE.COM: What’s your favorite beauty tip you’ve learned behind-the-scenes?
LOPEZ: Less is more! When I’m not on the runway or doing photo shoot, I try to keep makeup to a minimum. When I want to glam it up, I wet the sponge before dipping it in foundation to keep my face moisturized and fresh.

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