By definition, bikini waxes are pretty weird. There you are, splayed out on a table with your nether regions on full display, while a total stranger rrrrips out the hairs with hot wax. Now, imagine how awkward the wax would be if you were wildly, internationally famous, like Rihanna. In a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Express, she describes the horror of being recognized by her bikini waxer… “Every time I get a wax I specify that the lady is old and speaks no English, but this was a 25-year-old American. She recognized me before I took my clothes off, and couldn’t wait until we were alone so she could ask for an autograph or a picture. So I’m lying there and in pain and [she’s] like, ‘I know who you are! You’re Rihanna!’ It was probably one of the most awkward moments of my life. I got up and got outta there and said [to my manager], ‘Don’t ever bring me back here! I told you, old and Russian!”