Chances are, you’ve ogled one of Harley Pasternak’s carefully crafted bodies: Halle Berry. Rihanna. Jennifer Hudson. Angela Bassett. Kanye West. LL Cool J. Common.

“My clients are active all day. They’re moving constantly,” Pasternak shared with moments before appearing on Good Morning America to promote his new healthy lifestyle series on ABC, “The Revolution.”

Inside his sprawling LA-based compound, Pasternak whips his A-list clientele into red carpet-ready shape with a nonstop 25-minute workout, five days a week; the basis for his 5-Factor Fitness regimen.

“We do a cardio warm-up and then do a circuit of upper body, lower body, abdominal exercise and then a cool down,” he explained.

“Each day, we train different body parts and we change the amount of reps. For the body to keep changing, the workout has to keep changing.”

So, if your 2012 plans include carving out a chiseled core like Halle’s, or sleek arms like Zoe’s click on our gallery to incorporate these celebrity-tested moves into your routine.

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