If your grin makes your friends and family grimace, it’s probably time to whiten and brighten your teeth. But you may not need to shell out a fortune to achieve a megawatt smile, thanks to improvements in at-home whitening technology.

“I love teeth whitening, it’s the easiest way to makeover a smile,” confesses dentist to the stars Dr. Catrise Austin. For 13 years, Austin, the CEO of VIP Smiles, has personally polished the pearly, camera-ready whites of “X Factor” judge Paula Abdul, talk show host Wendy Williams, rapper Common, and Toni Braxton.

Inside Austin’s midtown NYC practice, her appointment calendar has been filled with bleaching treatments.

“These in-office whitening treatments are on the rise and people are really thinking of how to look good in the new year,” she says.

While a one-hour whitening treatment in her chair can cost around $650 for a new product called Opalescence — “We do have Makeover Mondays where we offer 50 percent off,” she concedes — there are plenty of comparable at-home products to choose from. Still, she warns, not everyone is a good candidate for these treatments. “Check with your dentist and get a consultation first,” urges Austin.

Check out Dr. Austin’s top 10 favorite whitening products inside.

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