I’ve always been way into Beautiful B’s strong, bold brows. So you can understand my mortification when, during a recent bout of insomnia, I tweezed my arches within an inch of their lives. Seriously, I have sad, tadpole-esque commas floating above my eyes! This morning, I turned to major celeb makeup artist, Sam Fine, for answers (check out his bestselling new video, ‘The Basics of Beauty’ for more how-to’s). Here, the makeup man’s tips on how to coax my brows back into Beyonce-worthy shape–without making them look artificial.

“First things first: if it’s 3am, step away from the tweezers! Secondly, avoid brow powders, which can give a heavy, artificial look. The most natural-looking way to fill-in holes or sparse brows is with a brow pencil. To create a soft, full arch a’la Beyonce’s, choose a pencil one shade lighter than your brow shade and fill in using short, feathery strokes that mimic hair. If you have time, you could create more dimension by using both the lighter pencil and one that’s the same shade as your haircolor.”

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