2008 Ageless Beauties: Isn't She Lovely

In our sixteenth annual salute to sisters whose beauty has stood the test of time, we celebrate 13 (from more than 5,000 applicants) phenomenal women. Let their radiant skin, killer bodies, timeless wisdom and generous spirits inspire your ageless beauty

June Anderson Baker, 61

Denise Jones Firth, 50

Beverly Crick-Watson, 52

Aleta C. Saunders, 53

Millicent Hunter, Ed.D., 57

Yvette Johnson, 53

Francene Blackamore Pernell, 53

Mimi Hughes, 63

Carolyn Steele, 69

Evancia Davis, 72

Janice Moore, 51

Pamela Moore, 34

Jo Ayn Stovall, 49