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20 Time-Saving Beauty Tips

For a sister on the go, mornings are about being on fast-forward. Make every minute count with these quick beauty tips that'll have you ready to face the world looking your best in no time flat.

Skip a step in the morning by using a foundation and powder in one, Mary Kay’s Creme-to-Powder Foundation is a great one to try.
Need to dry up a pesky pimple fast? Benefit’s Boo Boo Zap with salicylic acid begins drying pimples on the spot. Before you cover that zit with concealer, first dab on oil-free moisturizer. Concealer applied on a dry pimple will flake and make it more obvious.
Get ready at the bat of an eye with Almay’s One Coat Mascara.
Line eyes in a way that’s quick and stays put with SmashBox’s Cream Eyeliner. Brush on a line at the base of your upper lashes and go.
Apply lipstick on the run with Alcone’s Mini-Mirror. It fits atop most round lipstick tubes.
Hair with control and shine is always timely. A styling aid that offers both — The Cream by Paul Mitchell.
Polish nails in a hurry with Almay’s One Coat Nail Color in Sheer Icicle. It’s a quick-dry base coat, color and topcoat all in one bottle.
Forget hot curling irons that damage your ends; try a quick roller set. Put in a few rollers, take your shower and let the steam set your hair for bouncy curls that last.
Stretch the time between manicures by using neutral shades that don’t show chips. Consider Sally Hansen’s Get Even Hydrating Ridge Filler in Pale, Buff, Vanilla or Quartz.
Want an all-in-one foundation stick that’s good for problem spots yet neutral enough for all over coverage? Try EsteeLauder’s Minute Makeup Creme Stick Foundation.
Go for this hairdo timesaver: Wash and towel-dry hair; make cornrows from the temple to nape. Leave in over night. The next morning, undo cornrows and finger this great textured do into place.
To keep braids and locks smooth and fresh looking between appointments: Spritz hair lightly with water, apply a light oil to the roots and finger-comb through hair, brush hairline down and tie with scarf. You may need a quick blow-dry to get rid of all dampness. (Remember to hold dryer 12 inches away to avoid damage.)
###PAGE###Forget mixing and matching lipstick color and highlights with Black Opal’s Split Stick, a two sided lipstick that’s matte on one side and shimmery on the other. Check out Sister Act, a rich fudge color beside a golden copper.
Hair doesn’t get any easier than elegant cornrows pulled back into a knot.
Take the guesswork out of color matching by creating a natural, monochromic face in barely-there browns or browned roses from eyes to lips. Check out Laura Mercier’s lipstick in Arabian Knights.
Keep all your everyday makeup together and at your fingertips with a portable kit like Trish McEvoys’s MicroMini Planner.
You’ll need a manicure less often if you keep your nails moisturized to prevent splits and chips. Before bed, try Creative Nail Design’s Solar Oil, with vitamin E and jojoba, rice-bran and sweet-almond oils, so moisturizers can soak into nails and cuticles.
Zap oil, moisturize and get light coverage in one step with a three-in-one liquid like In the Mix Tinted Treatment Lotion by Interface.
For a quick matte finish, try Alcone’s Super Matte Anti-Shine, a long lasting light gel that’s great alone and works under or on top of foundation.
No time to lie around with cucumber slices on your eyes to cancel out puffiness? Try Estee Lauder’s Stress Relief Eye Masks. Pads placed under the eyes work while you eat breakfast or get dressed.