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A summer glow-up requires serious reinforcements and Dr. Barbara Sturm has all of them. 

In case you didn’t know, Angela Bassett’s dermatologist and business partner is a internationally recognized skin care professional who specializes in the creation of products that help sustain clear and healthy skin. Her latest product, Skin Food vitamins ($95, molecular-cosmetics.com), uses the superfood ingredient Purslane to help prevent wrinkles and other aging signifiers.

Purslane has been hailed by those in the skincare industry for possessing what they call “fountain of youth” enzymes that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and rich in healing properties.

Last year, Sturm collaborated with Angela Bassett to create the skincare line Skin of Color by Dr. Barbara Sturm, specifically for women of color. The line includes serums, creams and cleansers for those who have fallen victim to hyperpigmentation and blemishes.

As predicted, women flocked by the droves to get the products responsible for giving Angela her youthful glow and supple skin. And now that Skin Food is a reality, we fully expect history to repeat itself.  Sturm herself recently took to Instagram to explain the plant and the compound a little more in-depth; a must-watch if you’re leery of trying out new products: 

Skin Food retails for $95 and can be purchased here.