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Say It Ain't So! YouTube Couple Jamie and Nikki Perkins Have Separated

The couple's announcement comes after six years of marriage. Here's what we know about their split.
By Jasmine Grant · August 20, 2019

One of the internet’s favorite married couples is calling it quits. In response to public speculation about the status of their relationship, Australian vloggers Nikki and Jamie Perkins have announced that they are separating.

Jamie and Nikki gained viral fame sharing their biggest couple milestones, like their engagement and pregnancy journeys, with their followers. They’ve also been transparent about their everyday experiences as an interracial couple.

The Perkins shared statements on their separate Instagram stories confirming the news and thanking their supporters for reaching out.

The statement reads: “We wanted to make a video to address why we haven’t been vlogging together but the truth is, it was just too painful and that’s why we have been silent on the topic. We have recently made the painful decision to separate and through this hard time, we would like to thank you in advance for respecting our privacy.”

Nikki, a Sudanese model, married Perkins six years ago. The couple has two young daughters – Ava and Zoe. The vloggers have been known to post weekly videos together, but abruptly stopped sharing in June. Nikki has also been posting photos of herself without her wedding ring, and has removed “wife” from her Instagram bio.

Though some fans expected this news, others were both shocked and saddened by their breakup.

Whether they find their way back to each other or move on for good, we wish the Perkins family the best.