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Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: This Groom's Reaction To Seeing His Bride Will Make You Melt

These are the wedding moments we live for!
By Jasmine Grant · July 19, 2019

As every bride can tell you, so much planning and work goes into making their wedding day everything they’d ever dreamed of. The invitations, the dress, the catering….there’s so many decisions to make in such a short stretch of time. But absolutely nothing can prepare you for the moment you finally walk down the aisle and see your partner for life waiting for you on the other side.

Influencer Courtney Brand Agbetola and her husband Nate Agbetola recently got married in a beautiful ceremony in Houston. The most beautiful part? Nate’s reaction to Courtney coming down the aisle.

In a heartwarming clip posted by Courtney, Nate bursts into tears as he sees his wife-to-be coming down the aisle. “My biggest worry during planning was how he would react to the way I looked, my vows, my dress, my hair,” Courtney told her followers. “I wanted to embody whatever he imagined his wife looking like as she walked towards him. Ballgown or mermaid, updo or down, red lip or nude. None of that mattered. “

Courtney goes on to say that this is yet another reminder of why she fell in love with her husband in the first place. “When I walked down the aisle, my husband saw ME. His reaction put my soul at peace. Nate has so many traits that remind me of my daddy. They have the same laugh, he rubs his feet together when he lays down just like my dad did, he loves to lecture and is beautifully emotional — just like Eli Brand. My dad would tear up just watching us blow out birthday candles because he loved us that much. Without question, this man LOVES me. Even the parts he doesn’t like about me — and I thank God.”

The couple actually had two ceremonies – one traditional Nigerian ceremony and another American style.

When it was all said and done, the couple let their hair down with a relaxing honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Congratulations to the Agbetolas!