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Bridal Bliss: We're Smitten With College Sweethearts Mikáel and Angel's Sweet Love Story

The Picture Perfect Pyles

Photographic Memories

By Lauren Porter · June 13, 2018

The bride and groom met as freshmen at Clark Atlanta University when a daylong conversation on the quad turned into 12 years of romance. Their gorgeous nuptials will take your breath away.

Bride: Angel Lenise Robinson, 28, Lead Video Producer, ELLE.com
Groom: Mikáel Adrion Pyles, 29, Senior Associate, Cooper & Cooper Real Estate
The Big Day: 5/27/18
Location: Taglyan Complex, Hollywood, California
Style/Theme: Modern, chic wedding, with touches of romance and glamour


Wedding Venue: Taglyan Complex (contact: Hovig Seraydrian)
Wedding Planner / Coordinator: Angela Parks-Pyles, Elite Event Professionals
Wedding Coordinator: Kimala Lewis
Wedding Gown: Pronovias, bought at Bridal and Special Times
Wedding Veil: Bridal and Special Times
Groom’s Bespoke Suit: Loren Spratt
Hair: Nichole Olan of SoColeBeauty in NYC, and Erica Tucker at Hair Analysis in LA, Grace Smith in LA
Makeup: Cameisha Clark of The C Squared Look
Nails: Vanity Projects in NYC and The Nail Spa Lawndale in California
Photographer: Jerome Sykes, Photographic Memories
Photographer: Edith Barfield, Uno’s Photography
Videographer: Kennis McDaniel, Photographic Memories
DJ: Jason LaFource, DJ NOSAJ
Saxophonist: Cal Bennett
Vocalist: Marcellus Smith
Event Signage / Coordinator: Bonita Bennett of B. Eventful
Florist: Juan Cornejo, Four C’s Florists
Golden Gate Wedding Ceremony Arch: Platinum Prop Rentals
Flower Wall: MTB Event Rentals
Photo Booth: PopUp Studio
Throne Chairs: Star Event Productions
Wedding + Groom’s Cake: Torrance Bakery
Dessert Table: Kamille Jordan and Breana Jenkins
Bridal Party Accommodations: Kimpton Everly Hotel Hollywood
Wedding Guest Accommodations: Hampton Inn & Suites, Hollywood

"Being a bride was cute and all, but what I was really looking forward to — am still looking forward to — was being a wife," admitted Angel. "Being a bride meant that my journey as a wife, to the one man I know God put here for me, had just begun."

"My shoes were faux pearl-embellished suede sandals by Puerto Rican designer Isa Tapia," said the bride. "They were fitting because my birthstone is the pearl, and I am an AKA!" 

"He’s charming and engaging," said the bride to describe her groom. "Sexy, and has a smile that makes me melt. He’s hilarious. HI-larious! He’s the only person I’ll admit is (sometimes) smarter than me. His heart is so loving and so pure. He has a way of making everyone feel better and happier, just by being in his company. He’s genuine and loyal and true."

"I wasn’t thrilled at sharing any of our alone time over Valentine’s Day weekend, but I went along with the plan. Along comes the morning of February 13 — the compromise group outing date, leaving us with time to spend actual Valentine’s Day with our significant others. Or so I thought. A friend, Kirk — Mikáel’s fraternity brother, one of his best men, and alleged leader of our outing — picked us up that morning along with Jhamile — my future maid of honor — and we met a third couple in our crew. The guys surprised us with a helicopter ride around the southern tip of Manhattan! It was absolutely beautiful. Upon landing, I was the last to exit the helicopter… and I was met by our parents, cousins, line brothers, line sisters, family, and friends swarmed the helipad as Mikáel asked for my hand in marriage. I blacked out. And said, Y E S!"

"It felt unreal—still does," said Mikáel of being a groom. "The feelings leading up to our wedding ceremony were overwhelming. I felt a fervent sense of happiness, anxiety, responsibility, curiosity, and accomplishment. Being a groom was jolting and sobering in the best possible sense. I could’ve never dreamed of how amazing I would feel, but am glad to be blessed with the opportunity to be a groom and husband. I feel like a new man, and intend to hold on to this feeling until death do us part."

"My girls were comprised of my line sisters, my little sister (Ariana Pyles, Mikáel’s little sister who I’ve adopted over the years!), and close friends; three of which were my maids of honor."

"The one thing we both wanted to do was honor two special women who couldn’t be there with us on that day: Esther Parks, Mikáel’s grandmother who passed away in 2011, and Regina Robinson, my grandmother, who passed away in 2006. We left two seats vacant for them at the ceremony, left the altar to leave white roses in their place, and then gave two roses to each of our moms!"

Although both the bride and the groom shed tears on their big day, this photo of Mikáel being overcome with emotion while waiting for Angel to arrive at the altar is priceless!

"Prior to meeting Angel, I fancied myself a ladies man. I was always in a relationship (or multiple), but never truly faithful or very serious," the groom began to explain as to why he chose to make the bride his wife. "Angel changed that behavior quickly! She was different from all the other girls I had ever dated. Our first real conversation went on for HOURS, and it was during that conversation that I realized she was way more than just beautiful. She was smart and funny, and I had an urge to be around her more than anyone else. Before getting married, we were college sweethearts—together (with no breaks) for almost 12 years. Throughout that time, I always knew Angel would be my wife, but I had to be ready. I had to be mature enough to commit to all the things a marriage requires, and she was loyal and convicted in us enough to wait for me. I prayed about my life partner before meeting Angel and while I’ve been with her, and God has shown me in more ways than one that she was the woman he put here for me. It was a no-brainer. I had to do right by Angel and make her my wife, because I couldn’t imagine (and wouldn’t want to imagine) my life without her in it."

"Not to sound cliché, but it truly felt like seeing her for the first time! There is a different paradigm when you are looking at your wife versus your girlfriend or fiancée—there’s an intrinsic finality to it," said the groom of being at the altar with his bride. "And it felt right... it felt like I was falling in love with her all over again, and thanking God for her at the same time."

"I’ve never been so calm and relaxed in my life," said Angel of looking at Mikáel while they stood at the altar. "The deepest of deep massages couldn’t compare! It felt so surreal, so sublime, and yet exactly where I needed to be. Although we’d been together for so long, and knew that our wedding day was near, looking into his eyes at the altar made me feel like our union had been born again. Like this was just the beginning of an epic love."

"We both wrote our own vows. Well… Mikáel, ever the toastmaster, delivered his vows, improvised on the spot. I, ever the wordsmith, wrote mine in advance. I actually started writing them in my Notes on my iPhone years ago. Something came to me, and I had to jot it down, just then. Over time, I added a vow here and a scripture there. I edited and refined my vows the morning of, transferred my digital Note to a "vows book" and had them at the ready at the altar. And, not to toot my own horn, but I killed it! So many of our family and friends said our vows were the best part of the ceremony…and we agree!"

"There was never a moment in our relationship —  no matter how upset or impatient I grew — that saying no to his proposal was even slightly fathomable. He’s my life mate. My best friend. The one person I’ve been most vulnerable with and most unabashedly Angel. I’m never conscious with him. Or ashamed. Or embarrassed. I am simply me. And since I’ve known him, he’s done all in his ability to make that “me” feel safe, valued, unconditionally loved, and secure. He’s loving and patient and kind. Charming and so fine! LAWD! He treats his mother and sister, and all of the women in his family, with the utmost respect. He is admired amongst his friends and he’d do anything for each and every one of them. He’s enterprising and ambitious. He makes me want to do and see and be more than I could ever imagine. He STILL makes me laugh from the depths of my belly. And, in the words of the great Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter… I be damned if I see another chick on your arm. (Ha! But for real)."

"I was absolutely not thinking I would find true love when I did," said Mikáel. "I met Angel freshman year of college in my most self-serving and narcissistic state. I wasn’t looking for love, merely a good time. But once I found Angel, I realized God had different plans for me."

"It’s not always easy articulating how I knew Mikáel was The One. Yes, he’s loving, patient, and kind. Of course, he’s charming and handsome. His love for his family, dedication to building a legacy, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make me smile are key. But it’s also like trying to put into words how you know God is real — it’s spiritual, there’s a divine factor that you have to feel to know.  There wasn’t an exact moment in time for me. It was an innate feeling, one that was always there."

"I would describe her the way her mother named her... an Angel. She is perfect to me. Even after being with her so long, I am still taken back when I see her. She is graceful, elegant, gorgeous, radiant, funny, sexy, smart, confident, ambitious, and loving. I could go on for days!"

"I could sit with him in silence. I could literally lay in his arms, for hours on end. Curl up in a ball and snuggle under his embrace. Not go anywhere. Not do anything. But just be. I can just be with him. That is my favorite thing."

"I love her energy and aura! She is the epitome of effervescent," said the groom of Angel. "She inspires me to be the best version of myself and brings me pure joy to be alive. When I’m around her, no matter the place or circumstance, I am in paradise. Being with her feels like heaven on earth."

"I was 17 years old when I met Mikáel. I was a young Texas girl in Atlanta, ready to chase big dreams and live my best life. Finding true love — a lasting, lifelong love — was not on my agenda. But what I’ve come to realize is that I was still able to chase those big dreams. I was able to achieve them and conjure up new ones. I was still able to live my best life. I’m now living a life that is only going to get better.  And I’m blessed to have been able to do so — and continue doing so — with Mikáel by my side."

Don't Angel and her bridesmaids look fab! 

Mickáel looked incredibly dapper on his big day! 

The bride and groom had a rather large bridal party--"a total of 19 bridesmaids and groomsmen, plus five children"--but it totally worked and everyone looked absolutely gorgeous!

"Freshman year, she came over my dorm room for the first time to “Netflix and chill” (even though it wasn’t called that at the time). We had so much fun watching movies, listening to music, laughing, and getting to know each other that night. Earlier that evening, I had mentioned to her, casually, that I had a test in the morning. But by the end of the night, I was so enthralled in our interaction that I completely forgot about the test, and just wanted to spend time with her. Angel ended up staying over that night; we stayed up til the early morning and I didn’t set an alarm or anything. About 30min before my morning class (that I had the test in), I felt Angel’s hand on my shoulder and heard her soft voice waking me up. After getting over my initial surprise that she was still there (I assumed that she would quietly leave without saying anything to me), I remember her saying, “wake up wake up, don’t you have a test to take?” I was in utter disbelief; I had completely forgotten about my test, and definitely would’ve slept through it if it wasn’t for her! I quickly thanked her, grabbed my toiletries bag, and dashed to the communal dorm bathroom to take a shower and get ready for class. I came back to my room about 10min later, and was once again completely shocked to find Angel still there. She was in the process of making my bed and fluffing the pillows. I realized that the only reason she was still there was because she didn’t want to leave my room in disarray before leaving. It was at that moment, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Angel was THE ONE for me! She was not only drop dead gorgeous and highly intelligent, but that morning showed me that she was domestic, unselfish, and incredibly thoughtful—the complete package!"

For their big day, the couple had more than 250 guests there to witness their love! 

"I’m guilty of having the sweetest tooth in this relationship. Mikáel’s mom and I actually did the cake tasting without him! We opted for a simple, four-tier cake. The top and bottom were red velvet, the second tier was a marbled caramel-chocolate blend, and the third was vanilla."

"I also got Mikáel a groom’s cake, fashioned after his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; it was red velvet (the only cake flavor he can stand)," Angel shared. 

As an AKA, Angel's sorors showed up and showed out on her big day! 

"We started with “Just Friends,” by Musiq Soulchild, a song we used to sing to each other back at the original Brawley Hall on the campus of Clark Atlanta University. We then went into “Die With You,” by Beyoncé."

Mikáel's frat brother's look amazing by his side on his wedding day!

Here's to a lifetime of love for the gorgeous bride and groom!