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Bridal Bliss: Jada And O'Dane Went From Prom Dates To Soul Mates and Their Glam Florida Wedding Won Us Over

It's Something About You

Limelight Photography

By Lauren Porter · May 16, 2018

In 2002, the Jada and O’Dane were senior prom dates, then she moved away and they drifted apart. Then 15 years later, they ended up living in the same city and reconnected. That was when their happily ever after began. See the photos from their beautiful nuptials and feel the love!



Bride: Jada Anastasia Watson, 33, Esthetician & Makeup Artist
Groom: O’Dane Rayon André Brady, 34, Chiropractor/Research Consultant /
The Big Day: 12/9/2017
Location: The Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg
Style/Theme: Old Hollywood Glam

Caterer: Olympia Catering/Nancy Cotto 
Photographer: Limelight Photography
Videographer: Baby Blue Film
DJ and Lighting: Michael Anthony Productions
Florist: Creations by Mylez Edwards
Cake: The Artistic Whisk
Decor Linens: Kate Ryan Linens
Hairstylist: The K. Toi Xperience
Makeup Artist: Aja Lauren

"My something old was a white, embroidered handkerchief from my paternal grandmother. My something new was my custom hair comb. My something borrowed was a vintage, silk clutch from my maternal grandmother. I opted out of the something blue," said the bride. 

"I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like before dress shopping and that was really the hard part. At my very first bridal appointment, I went in and requested a specific dress that I had in mind and I was told they no longer carried it and I started to leave, but something kept me there. The very first gown I pulled out ended up being the one. I selected a few more and let my mom and aunt choose one."

It looks like Jada was surrounded by nothing but love on her wedding day with her gorgeous bridesmaids by her side! 

The night before Mother's Day in 2017, the bride and groom went to a John Legend concert and although O’Dane planned on waiting until Jada’s birthday to pop the question, he changed his mind when he heard John sing, "Like I'm Gonna Lose You.” After the show, he made a detour to pick up the ring he had hidden in his kitchen cabinet and decided it's now or never.

“He seemed super nervous, but I still had no idea what was going on. We sat on his bed for a while. Out of nowhere, he asked, “so, what are you doing for the rest of your life? Want to spend it with me?" I said, “yeah” thinking it was just a random question. Then, he reached over and grabbed something from his nightstand…a black box with gold trimming. I was absolutely floored! I moved away, I cried, laughed and did everything short of sprinting around his apartment.”

"Being a bride was something else! I dreamed of what it would be like, but I never imagined I would feel so beautiful and loved," Jada shared. "It was a great experience and my maid of honor…there will never be one as great as her! She really held me down and made sure I was as stress-free and relaxed as possible."

"I decided to do a brooch bouquet. I wanted something classic and kind of vintage and brooches seemed like a great way to go."

"I love Dane’s outlook on life. He’s such an optimistic person and it really mazes me. He can find the good in any situation and that’s not easy to do. He keeps me focused on the good things."

"Initially, I was going to walk down the aisle alone and have my father meet me halfway, but right before the ceremony, I felt so nervous that I couldn’t breathe," said the bride. "Dad was there to my rescue, as always. It meant much more having him by my side."

"I felt really calm being at the altar with Dane," said Jada. "I was freaking out before I walked in, but as soon as I saw him, I kind of had an outer-body experience and everything just seemed to breeze by."

The bride and the groom's adorable daughter, Harper Annalise definitely stole the show!

"I knew that Jada would be a good fit for me and it was easy to be myself around her," said the groom. "There was no pressure to be 'perfect' or someone I’m not. Above all I loved her. "

We look a good-looking bridal party!

"There really is no crazy long answer," said the bride about why she said yes to marrying the groom. "First and most importantly, he loves God so I knew he knew how to love me. I felt safe, I felt loved and he made me want to be better. He’s an amazing man and his heart is so pure. He made it easy to fall for him."

"I would describe Jada as loving, outgoing, and insightful," said the groom of his bride. I love that she can put my mind at ease and make me laugh."

"I never thought that I would find love in this manner," the groom shared. "We’ve known each other for a lifetime, but never thought we would re-connect and eventually marry."

For 135 guests, this was the perfect Old Hollywood Glam reception space!

"I was really apprehensive about getting in a relationship. Dane and I had been casually dating and talking for some months, but I just couldn’t let up. I prayed about it and remember being at the nail salon with him. While we sat there, I literally felt the wall I had built come crumbling down. It was a feeling of comfort and I knew I was safe."

"Spending time with Jada became easy no matter what I had going on or how late it was. That's how I knew she was the one."

"In my heart, I knew I would find true love, but not mentally. Life and experiences with love can make a person jaded and after what I had been through, I wondered if the love I thought I’d have one day still existed. I definitely didn’t see it happening when it did. I was completely blindsided but blessed."