Bridal Bliss: Ian And Zemi's Island Chic Bahamas Wedding Will Take Your Breath Away

Always and Forever

Stanley Babb

Lauren Porter
Jul, 25, 2018 10:10 AM UTC

The bride and groom met at work but their love story really took flight when they discovered they both have twin siblings. Take a look at the photos from their beautiful Bahamas wedding day. 

Bride’s Name: Zemi Regine Holland, 28, Business Analyst
Groom’s Name: Ian Trevor Howard Stewart, 37, Trust Officer
The Big Day: April 28, 2018
Location: Private Property (“Deanna’s Beach”), Gregory Town, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Style/Theme: Island chic


Wedding Planner: Five Seasons Bridal
Décor & Flowers: Bahamas Fantasies
Photographer: Stanley Babb
Videographer: Play Back Media
MUA (Wedding): Cody Rolle
Hair (Wedding): Virshe Sturrup
MUA/Hair (Day-After Shoot): My Bride Berry
Wedding Invitations: Destination Stationery
Wedding Programs: Davina Johnson (Maid of Honor) printed by Next Day Flyers

"I think I am far too introverted for all that a bride requires. I never wanted to make marriage or a wedding an idol in my life so I never really dreamed or imagined or had expectations. Was it all we planned it to be? In most ways, YES! There were little things I would have adjusted personally if I had been there, but c’est la vie!"

"Our dating anniversary is May 2nd and Ian’s birthday is May 6th. He suggested we go to Miami for the weekend to shop and celebrate. As I packed my clothes I prayed for God to help me select my outfits as I had a feeling the time was coming. The trip was great and we truly enjoyed ourselves but Ian didn’t propose. I shrugged it off because I didn’t want to be disappointed and told myself to just enjoy our moments together. When we got back to Nassau and pulled up in front of the house, I saw my cousin’s car and his mother’s car. I didn’t think anything of it at first. We had a miscommunication while away about who would feed my dog with me gone: I told my cousin to feed them and he told his sister. But…when I walked inside, the house was dimly lit, there was a trail of lanterns and balloons with our pictures hanging from them. I was shocked and almost frozen. I slowly rolled my suitcase to the foot of the stairs, turned around and looked at Ian and smiled. I was wearing leggings and a “God Is Dope” tee-shirt…so unfitting for the moment, yet so perfect all at the same time. I slowly walked towards the pedestal at the end of “lantern lane” while looking at each photograph – wanting to slow the moment down. As I walked to where the ring was placed, Ian came in front of me, and hugged me. I closed my eyes as he told me the reasons he wanted to marry me and how our story was ordained. At the end of the speech he sang one of the most symbolic songs for the start of our relationship, “Satisfied” by The Walls Group. He adjusted the words a bit to suit the occasion: ‘I will be satisfied with you, you, you. Zemi I want you, you, you. All I want is you.’ After singing, he asked me to be his wife and I said yes. At the same time, my dog, Brave, jumped up in excitement. She said yes too!"

"The man I married is patient, loving, God-fearing & compassionate and has a servant’s heart. He’s also a little stubborn, but don’t tell him I said so!," said Zemi of Ian. 

Ooh! We love the accessories of Ian's groomsman attire. 

By her side on her wedding day, Zemi had her cousin, her four of her friends, one of Ian’s friends, two of his sisters and her god sister. What an epic group!

"I opted not to purchase (or even try on) store-bought dresses because I knew it would be an emotional experience for me with my mother being gone (deceased) and my sister was out of the country at the time and unable to participate. I tried so hard to numb my emotions throughout the planning process and I could not risk such an event triggering those emotions. My wedding dress, designed by Theodore Elyett, was inspired by my mother’s wedding gown, and the bishop sleeves of blogger Fleur Egan (her dress was by Jaton Coutour) and the ruffle vibes of Beyonce in the Formation video."

"She’s transparent, driven, authentic and extraordinarily beautiful," said Ian of Zemi. "She’s the evidence of God’s grace in my life. Zemi is truly an “island gyal”; a barefoot beauty that catches frogs (yes, frogs!)"

Ian’s older brother, two friends since Jr. High School, a friend since childhood, his little brother, a friend, Zemi’s twin brother and her cousin were all the men who stood by his side on his big day. 

"The wedding program was a magazine with our story and new family tree inside. Guests loved it!"

"My dad walked me down the aisle," said the bride. "Though my Uncle was my legal guardian from ages 14 to 19 following the death of my mother, I wanted to be traditional in this area and it felt right. After my dad handed me over to Ian, I told him to take me to my uncle (whom I had told the night before to sit at the end of the aisle). I went over to him and hugged him as a huge THANK YOU for the sacrifice he made when he opened his bachelor pad to three grieving teenagers. When I turned around and looked over at my bridesmaids, they were all weeping. A few guests nodded their heads in agreement. Some cried. It was a simple, but magical moment."

"I chose her to be my wife because she had a story that was captivating and empowering. Zemi was so transparent about her journey," said Ian of his bride. "She has a heart for God and the things of God. I pretty much found a good thing and wasn’t about to squander my opportunity. What helped me decide was watching the development of Zemi’s relationship with my immediate family. Family is everything to me and to see her win their hearts over so easily was certainly a deciding factor."

"I knew I was marrying my soulmate," said Ian of being with Zemi at the altar. "I felt a cocktail of emotions that could never be replicated."

Zemi was simply overcome with emotion on she and Ian's wedding day.

"I knew I wanted to marry Ian very early in our relationship," said Zemi. "He is patient, loving, God-fearing & compassionate and has a servant’s heart. Saying “Yes” was only natural."

"Immediately, I felt the connection: he was so smart, so easy to talk to, so down to earth and I felt so much peace. In fact, I remember thinking, 'if I don’t marry Ian, I will marry someone just like him.' It was so strange because I shared so much with him online, but would be nervous to share even 5 seconds in the elevator. Over time I got more and more comfortable and, well, the rest is history!"

"During our very first conversation, I knew he was 'the one,'" said the bride. "I was blown away by who Ian was. He was so down to earth, so well mannered, so wise and showed evidence of a true relationship with God. I said to myself, “Lord, if I don’t marry Ian, I will marry someone just like him.” What really confirmed Ian was “my one” was the undeniable peace I felt throughout our entire relationship."

"I don’t believe there was one defining moment that brought me to the realization," said Ian of knowing his bride was his perfect match. "I think early on I felt like she could be the one just based on the series of events that led to our first conversation. From day 1, it was pretty much divine. The journey to who we were at that point in time was pretty different but we seamlessly meshed in our outlook, passions and temperament."

"Her strength in the midst of turmoil is something I love most about her...and hearing her sing although she can’t do it to save her life!" said the groom of his bride. 

We love this chic homage to Black Panther!

Have you ever seen a better looking bridal party?!

The groom picked out he and his groomsmen attire and we must admit that they look pretty sharp! 

"I knew I wanted the girls in all white, but I also knew I wanted their individuality to shine through. With the help of my bridal stylist La’Vonne Ferguson, the ladies either picked their dresses themselves online or got their dress (or jumpsuit) made."

"No, I could never have dreamed Ian and I would come together how and when we did," said the bride of finding true love with her groom when she did. 

"Our conversations had so much depth," said Ian. "She was so transparent it was intimidating, yet captivating. The more she spoke about her life’s story, the more I identified with her. We were so different but yet so similar. Those conversations solidified the connection. She was the one, my one!"

For this first dance as husband and wife, the bride and groom shared a moment to Ian's favorite song, "Someone" by Musiq Soulchild. 

For their 150 guests, the bride and groom's reception space served up nothing but island chic vibes!

Look at this sweet treat!

"I was pretty sure she was “The One” when she left for her final semester in college," admitted Ian. "We had been spending so much time together that not having Zem around left me somewhat lost. I knew she was already becoming a part of the fabric of who I was. I needed to make her my forever."