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Bridal Bliss: Antonio And Alexis Brought Chic To The Beach For Their Gorgeous Wedding Day

Always And Forever

By Lauren Porter · May 30, 2018

Four years ago, the groom walked into a local bar and his future bride caught his eye.  It was the beginning of their happily ever after. Their gorgeous wedding photos.

Bride: Alexis Marjorie Givens, 24, Risk Management
Groom: Antonio Cartagena III, 32, General Manager
The Big Day: April 20, 2018
Location: Isla Beach, Punta Cana (Hard Rock Resort & Casino) Dominican Republic
Style/Theme: Destination, Tropical wedding/ White chic


Photographer: Raysa Feliz, Hard Rock Resort
Florist: Mercaflor
Reception Decor: Creative Punta Cana and Caribbean Celebrations
Photo Booth: Creative PC
Dress: Jean Ralph Thurin 
Trainer: Body By Akua Fitness
Hair: Joy Johnson
Makeup: Sisi Nike
Groom’s attire: Andre Clarke-Womack

"It felt like a dream to be honest I never stressed about anything because I knew we were meant to be together, anything we did not have control over was truly out of our hands that day. Look what happened? Everything was exactly what we wanted and it still feels like a dream," said Alexis of being a bride. 

"I have always been a bit shy when it comes to being the center of attention so I really didn’t know how to take it all in on that day. I just know that I had to be on time for my wife," said Antonio of being a groom. "I never dreamed about getting married until I met Alexis, I knew she was going to be my wife. I might have played it all in my head over and over again to make sure it would be perfect."

"My dress designer was Jean Ralph Thurin from Somerville. I found him in a recent bridal magazine and I knew I wanted to have a custom dress. My maid of honors traveled with me to meet him for the first time. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to design but he truly helped me bring everything together. I didn’t know the different styles of dresses so he also took his time to show me a variety of styles. I knew I was at home, I felt like the only bride, I am huge on service and his service was out of this world. The entire team there truly makes you feel at home.   I felt like a complete princess trying on multiple dresses the first day I met Ralph. We did everything step by step. He sketched exactly what I wanted, if there was something I didn’t want or I wanted to add, it was done immediately."

"My father walked me down the aisle for my special day, said the bride. "This moment is like every girl’s dream to be able to have her father give her away to her husband and her new life. It was symbolic to me because this represents my dad giving me away into great hands."

"I felt at peace with no worries and doubt that I found home," said the groom of being with his bride at the altar. 

"We wrote our own vows and selecting them was easy," said the bride. "Everything came from the heart."

"She's indescribable! My wife is someone that I have never met before," said Antonio of Alexis. "She’s simply full of life and love."

"I prayed for God to show me someone who is for me," said the bride of looking for true love. "I didn’t look for love, I didn’t chase love, this love walked into my life and never left. It was from the first moment we met."

"I knew she was the one when I realized that I couldn’t share life’s moments without her. The most memorable moments of my life have been because of Lex," the groom began to share. "The very first time I cried in front of Lex is when she surprised me for my 30th Birthday. She planned the entire amazing event with all my friends and family keeping it a secret from me. Just how selfless she was when putting it together can’t go unnoticed. I just knew!"

"I said yes because I have never had any doubts about our love or our friendship. We have bonded through sports, music and vibes. We have attended many sports games and concerts," said Alexis. "Tony has been about God since the day I met him, it’s very rare to find a man who is God-fearing, loves his family and a hard worker. When we are together, he truly makes me feel like a Queen."

"I wouldn’t say I chose her, but God chose us for each other," said Antonio. "My prayers were answered. The endless love she displayed towards me made it easy to decide. I feel a sense of security each moment with her."

"I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without my bridal party. There is something special about have solid rocks around you, willing to empower and make a difference. They continue to help me day to day. My maid of honors were Eden Marley and Angela Orr. These two powerful women have been by my side for years. Each of my bridesmaids mean so much to me and there’s history with all of them. Only thing I wanted was to have fun and good vibes, we did just that!"

"I knew Tony was the one when I felt the highest form of love, which is agape love that is total/complete, unconditional, seeks nothing in return and is pure. I realized Tony was a physical reflection of God for me as a partner in life, to love the way God loves me, to be able to forgive the way God forgives. Being able to bring each other to the fullness of life. I have become the greatest me because of him."

"All of my groomsmen have been there every step of the way for me and if there is anything ever needed or support I don’t have to question them," said the groom of his guys. 

With 70 guests attending their nuptials, the bride and groom had the perfect wedding day! 

"The man I married is God-fearing, fearless, confident, loving and goes after any and everything he puts his mind to."

"I can’t say there is one thing I love most but what I will say is knowing that my today and tomorrow includes him, my heart smiles every time," said the bride of her groom. 

"What’s there not to love about my wife? I cannot just love one thing," said Antonio of Alexis. 

"My favorite flowers are white roses," explained the bride. "The first time Tony asked me what type of flowers I liked he bought me 2 dozen of long stem white roses. When we got engaged, he said, “let’s have all the white roses you want” and that’s exactly what we did! Everything was white roses, the bouquets, centerpieces and flower wall."

"The wedding cake was everything! We had vanilla cake with white chocolate for the bottom tier and chocolate flavored with pastry cream filling for the top tier."

"I honestly never looked for true love," said Antonio. "True love found me. You cannot plan on when you would find true. It has to just to come. I just know that I am excited that it found me."