Bridal Bliss: You'll Love North Carolina A&T State Grads Alex And Paige's Glam Wedding Style

Brown And Boujee

Lauren Porter
Jan, 31, 2018 11:11 AM UTC

Four years of friendship in college blossomed into a beautiful love story. Take a look at their gorgeous wedding!

Bride: Paige Lewter, 28, Electrical Engineer
Groom: Alexander Brown, 31, Attorney
The Big Day: 10/28/17
Location: Cary, North Carolina
Style/Theme: Elegant and Classic

Wedding Coordination: Elana Walker Events        
Venue: Prestonwood Country Club    
Photographer: Tory Bass            
Videographer: Chaz Reid            
Florist:  Fresh Affairs            
Rentals:  CE Rental            
Photobooth: SocialXposure            
Makeup: Amber Harper            
Hair:  Lindsey Tunstall 
Ceremony Dress: The Bridal Room        
Reception Dress: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique    
Ceremony Tuxedo: Connaisseur Paris of Atlanta
Reception Tuxedo: Robert Jamison Collection    
DJ: DJ J-Breezy  
Cake:  Prestonwood Country Club    
Transportation: Holloway Funeral Home

"She’s smart, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated," said Alex of Paige. "She’s determined to complete every task or goal that’s set in front of her. She has made great strides in her career and gives back to her community by working with students and helping to expose them to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. She’s the perfect woman for me. She makes me complete."

The night Alex proposed, Paige only had one thing on her mind—packing for their trip for Puerto Rico. Tricked by a friend to attend a networking event at the National Mall in Washington, DC, Paige reluctantly went along with evening plans and little did she know, she was in for the surprise of a lifetime. As she and their friend, Brandon, walked up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, there Alex appeared, got down on one knee and asked the magical question. Of course, Paige cried—and said yes! “I cried like a baby! It was one of those ugly cries too,” she admitted. After she said yes, Alex turned her around and said “look!” and she turned to see their family and friends who had been hiding behind the columns. She had no idea they were there so the moment was absolutely perfect!

"The thing that I love the most about Alex is that he is family-oriented," said the bride of her groom. "Alex always keeps in touch with his family and is always there to lend a helping hand when in need. Family is very important to me and having a husband that makes family a priority is vital."

"I actually ended up with two wedding dresses because I am one indecisive bride," explained Paige. "The first dress that I wore for the ceremony was a Christiano Lucci dress. The ball gown was a sweetheart style with sheer sleeves and an illusion neckline. It had spray beading, pearls, and crystals on the illusion neckline and long sleeves. It was so beautiful. It was simple with some bling. I’m a simplistic person who usually doesn’t go for a lot of drama, but this was the perfect mix of plain with glam!"

Paige's bridesmaids were all very special to her. Her younger sister (and Bridal Bliss alum), two cousins, three best friends, sister-in-love, and sorority sisters all stood next to her on her big day.

The couple had a little fun on their wedding day with a hashtag that combined their love and their personalities. 

"We entered the reception to Migos “Bad and Boujee" and chose the song because one of our wedding hashtags was #BrownandBoujeeLove, Brown for our last name and Boujee because we both can be boujee at times," shared the bride.

"My bouquet consisted of hydrangeas, roses, peonies, gardenias, ranunculus, and lisianthus flowers," shared Paige. "I allowed the florist to choose the flowers but I made sure there was not a lot of greenery."

By his side on the big day were two of Alex's cousins, his best friend from elementary school, and three of his frat brothers. Don't they look dapper!

"My father walked me down the aisle," said Paige. "I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My dad loves me so much and is the most selfless man I know. It was a no-brainer that he would have the honor of giving his daughter away."

"I was very nervous the morning of my wedding. So nervous I didn’t even want to eat. But once hair and makeup started and I was surrounded by my girls, that nervousness started to subside a little. Walking down the grand staircase and then down the aisle was an amazing feeling. It was like I was floating on air. Everything truly went by so fast and I tried to soak it all in. I felt so blessed to have family and friends there to support and Alex and I. I felt even more blessed that I was marrying the man of my dreams. My wedding was not what I dreamed it would be. It was even better. Even though everything didn’t go as planned, everything was perfect."

"It was surreal," explained Paige of being at the altar with Alex. "I could not believe that I was getting married. This is the moment that you dream about as a little girl and for it to finally be here was amazing to me. I tried to take it all in and enjoy the moment. I was just so happy looking into his eyes. Alex would look away, I believe to keep from crying, but he held it together. I did get teary-eyed throughout the ceremony looking into his eyes. I think I did make the ugly cry face at one point."

"I was happy to be marrying my soul-mate," said Alex of how he felt on his wedding day. "The wedding was really nice and the venue was awesome. Paige really did a great job planning and I am thankful for all the hard work she put in. It was better than what I imagined."

"I believed that I would find true love because I saw it in my parents who have been married for 47 years," said Alex. "I was not expecting to find true love how and when I did. I didn’t approach Paige with the intentions of falling in love but overtime our friendship grew and continued to blossom. We became closer and closer and before I knew it I was in love with Paige."

"When I met Alex back in 2008, I would have never thought that he would be my husband. I think love is unexpected and it just happens. We started off as really good friends for years and that evolved into more. So no, I didn’t think I would find true love how and when I did, but I’m grateful that I found it.

"My wife makes me better," said Alex of Paige. "She pushes me to be more successful and motivates me every day through her words and actions. That is an affirmation that I have chosen the right one to be my wife."

"I said yes because I knew he was the one. Alex is caring and selfless. Most importantly he puts God first. He is always helping others in need, is very family-oriented, and possesses traits that help to balance me out.  I could see myself spending forever with Alex and that is why I said yes."

Isn't this a gorgeous bridal party!

"The decision was easy, I chose to make her my wife for the same reasons that attracted me to her," Alex began. "She’s smart, caring, God-fearing, and optimistic. She had the qualities that I wanted in a wife."

"Around the time I finished law school I looked at my life and thought about my future, where I wanted to be career wise. I couldn’t see myself making any moves without Paige. I knew then that she was the one. She was there supporting me throughout law school and was always someone I could lean on. I knew that I would make her my wife and spend the rest of my life with her."

The pair definitely made a wonderful entrance!

We love a bride and a groom who know how to have a good time on their wedding day!

"I was going for a classic and elegant look with our cake so we had a 5 tier wedding cake with fresh flowers that were added to the cake to top it off. The cake was so good!"

"Each tier had a different combination of cake and filling/icing. The cake flavors that we chose were yellow, marble swirl, and red velvet.  The cake filling flavors that we chose were vanilla, cream cheese, almond butter cream, and chocolate mousse.  We froze the top layer for our one-year anniversary. I’m looking forward to it!"

To witness their union, Alex and Paige had around 200 wedding guests.

"I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority," said Paige. "After changing into my second dress, all of the women of AKA met me in the foyer and we all danced into the ballroom (Wale “Pretty Girls”) and they made a circle around me and sung our hymn."

"Alex is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity so he and his fraternity brothers serenaded me with their fraternity hymn," said Paige.

After Alex and his frat brothers serenaded Paige, they had a little fun on the dance floor. 

"I had to get out of the way immediately because the DJ played “Atomic Dog” for them. The Ques hopped/strolled for the next few minutes. It is always very entertaining to watch."

"This may sound crazy, but one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Tiesha, predicted that Alex was the one when we were in college and he and I were just friends," Paige recalled. "This was about six or seven years ago. I guess she saw our friendship and saw something special. I can vividly remember her saying, 'that is your future husband.' I on the other hand didn’t know he was “the one” then.  I knew Alex was the one after we had been dating for a while and we got into an argument. I felt really sad because I don’t like disagreements and I missed Alex. I thought about the possibility of losing him and did not like that at all. Alex was the first to apologize and try to amend things. I really loved the fact that he could initiate the reconciliation process and it showed that he really cared for me. It was then that I knew he was the one."