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Your Guide to Romantic Comedies, Based On What You’re Going Through

JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images
By Michelle Darrisaw · August 22, 2018

Whether you’re happily in love or dealing with some problems in your relationship, there are plenty of romantic comedies out there for every experience, mood and situation. And we couldn’t think of a better way to embrace your feelings than by giving in to a little escapist viewing, by way of rom-coms.

Though it’s true that most rom-coms are predictable and, arguably, a bit farfetched and cheesy, it’s quite comforting to know a simple click of the remote control has the ability to lift you out of whatever funk you’re in and make you believe in love. Yes, there’s something so palliative and restorative about a good romantic comedy film.

While not meant to be exhaustive, here’s a list of the perfect romantic comedies to watch, depending on what you’re going through in life and in your relationship. If you’re in an upbeat mood and ready to laugh, we’ve got you covered. Feeling sad or confused? We’ve got plenty of rom-coms here to mirror your emotions. Or perhaps you’re just ready to cuddle up on the couch and watch two people fall in love. Either way, these flicks will help you to cope with all the feels and make you believe in happy endings.