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The Types Of Best Girlfriends Every Woman Has (and Loves!)

Beside every dynamic woman are her equally amazing gal pals. In honor of National Best Friend Day, we’re celebrating the many types of girlfriends you adore, and why!

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By Charli Penn · June 8, 2017

Happy National Best Friend Day! We can all agree that beside every dynamic woman are her equally amazing gal pals.

We know how much you love your girls and what they mean to you. In celebration of the holiday, we’re breaking down the types of best friends we all have in our inner circles. While no one friend has to fit just one category (because of course they’re way more amazing than that), these are just a few of the most common types of girlfriends in nearly every woman’s day-to-day life.


She’s great for your confidence and your spirit. Like all of your best friends, she’s rooting for you every step of the way, but in her case she takes her praise to the next level. She’s the first to tell you that your outfit-of-the-day slays on Instagram, she’s always front and center and attentive at your biggest moments and she never forgets your milestones or birthdays. Her smile makes yours pop right out and you love that she believes in and depends on you just as much as you do her.

You two go back like Atari and VHS tapes. It was true love at first sight from the moment you met in elementary school and you are the keeper of all of each other’s childhood secrets, hope and dreams. While your lives may not have always moved in the same circles or directions, one thing has always remained the same – your fearless, unbreakable bond. There isn’t a throwback photo you can find that doesn’t represent a moment you shared, and boy were they fond ones. She knows you best and you know it, so when you need to hear it exactly like it is, she’s the one you call to check you. She’s your sister from another mother and your lifelong friend. We bet you two even have a “song” and a secret meeting spot when the moment calls for an escape, or a cocktail. You love that you two share a deep history and even deeper bond. You taught each other the meaning of true friendship and you will always cherish that.

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Not every day is a winner, and when you come home feeling low or your spirit needs a boost, she’s the first one on your call list. She’s never too busy to listen to your frustrations or ideas, always ready to help you workshop the problem and her advice and words of wisdom are always right on time. She’s your spirit sister and your emotional happy place. She helps you carry your burdens and confirm your revelations. This friend is most likely to tell you what you’re thinking or what you need to do before you’ve even figured it out. Put simply: Her love and support are fundamental to your success, because she just gets you—and you get her. 


Your freshman year sealed the deal and you’ve been attached at the hip every since. You two formed your bond at a very special time in your lives—when you were learning about and questioning the world, deciding who and what you wanted to be and encountering many of your biggest life lessons. Through it all your friendship only strengthened and blossomed more. A few degrees and a lot of years later, the love is still real and you couldn’t be more proud of each other. This friend is most likely to shout out your latest accomplishment on her Facebook feed, introduce you to someone you “need to know” or give you the inside scoop about a hot lead on a job. She’s got your back, and you have hers covered too. Raise your glasses, because she’s a keeper!


When you need a plus one, she’s there. When you send out an invite, she’s the first one to RSVP. When you just need a happy hour cocktail (or two), she’s toasting. This friend knows that sometimes what you really need most is a partner in crime, and with her, you’re always in good company. You love her willingness to support and love you on a whim and that even in a digital age, she always answers your texts and calls. She’s a staple in your life because she consistently shows up for you, and for that, you remain incredibly grateful.

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Now, like we said, no one great girlfriend can be grouped in just one category. How many good girlfriends do you have that cover them all? Show them some love in the comments!