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The 17 Most Shocking Ask Dr. Sherry Letters Of 2016

From wanting to get back with an ex after contracting an incurable STD to losing the sexual spark with a high school sweetheart, our readers needed many, many words of wisdom from Dr. Sherry this year and she handled each letter like a true pro. Read the best advice she gave in 2016.

Best Of Dr. Sherry's Advice

By Dr. Sherry · December 16, 2016

After thinking she was unhappy in her marriage and filing for divorce, this woman contracted an incurable STD and disclosed the news to her ex. His rejection has devastated her, so now what? Dr. Sherry weighs in--read here. 

He thinks his ex-girlfriend lied about him being her child's father out of spite but his heart can't shake that he is really her daughter's dad. Will Dr. Sherry's advice help him identify his intentions? Read here! 

She thought she did everything to fulfill his wildest fantasies but as it turns out, he carried on a seven year affair. Dr. Sherry dishes out some advice. Read it here!

A woman describes being tormented, abused and used by a man who has lied to her from day one. Read her story and Dr. Sherry's excellent advise here.

After being exposed for her love affair, she and her brother-in-law aren't even hiding anymore. She seems to want her cake and to eat it too. Will Dr. Sherry's give her the reality check she needs to get her life in order? Read more. 


Will she ever just pack up and go? Read the advice Dr. Sherry dished out here. 


Ouch! What would you do? Read Dr. Sherry's advice! 

What if he was perfect in every way but you just weren’t physically attracted to him? Dr. Sherry helps a woman in the same boat sort it out. Read it here!

Should she stick around for the sake of the children? Dr. Sherry gave her great advice--read it now!

What do you do when you’ve made up your mind that you want to leave your marriage, but feel you can’t survive on your own financially? Dr. Sherry has answers--read it!


Should she keep the peace or say her piece? Read a piece of Dr. Sherry's mind on the matter. 

Would you stay or go? Read here to see what Dr. Sherry said!

Eight years after he left her, she's still attached to a love that no longer loves her back. What should she do? Read what Dr. Sherry adviced her to do.

This woman's new marriage has been a disaster from the start. Dr. Sherry dishes on what to do. Read it here!


Now that their kids are all grown up, should they try again? Dr. Sherry weighs in here.


What should a woman do when she's unsatified sexually but in love? Dr. Sherry spills the tea; read it here.