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Solid As A Rock! 16 Times New Edition's Ricky Bell and His Wife Amy Lived Their Best Lives

The Beautiful Bells

By Lauren Porter · July 25, 2018

Ricky and his wife, Amy Bell, have been married for 14 years and their bond is undeniable. From their sweet selfies to their date night perfection, these two are simply beautiful together!

Ricky and Amy aren't afraid to get down and dirty! 

These two make date night look so chic.

These two clearly aren't afraid of trying new things together. We love that!

Ricky and Amy have been married for 14 years and even in their casual moments, their love shines brightly. 

The coordinated outfits on these two is making our hearts smile!

Ricky and Amy have been through quite a bit in their relationship but they have relied on their love and faith to get through it all. 

Side by side, these two will always have the other's back. 

There's no denying that these two have mastered their couple seflie! 

How adorable are Ricky and Amy!

Whew! This photo is everything!

It's so wonderful that Ricky and his New Edition, as well his Bell Biv Devoe bandmate, Ronnie Devoe and his wife Shamari, are close with him and Amy. 

Even when they are on the move, Ricky and Amy keep the good time rollin'!

Even their selfie smolders are in sync! 

These two sure know how to make date night look simply amazing!

Even way back when Amy and Ricky looked picture perfect together. 

For the first time in March, the couple collaborated together with the song, "Gold," and they do indeed make beautiful music together!