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Goals! 10 Well-Traveled Couples Share The Best Destinations For Lovers



By Soul Society 101 and Black Love · March 9, 2018

The teams behind Soul Society and Black Love Exists teamed up to find globe-trotting couples willing to share their love, and their best travel destination ideas for couples looking to take their love on the go.

Couple: @loreane_beonca

Tip: Thailand is everything you need for a vacation. We went to three different places in Thailand. I loved Bangkok it felt like their version of New York. The street lights, culture and Authentic food is what did it for me. The people are so sweet they make you feel so safe and welcome. We love the scenery from the skyline of Bangkok to the mountains and islands of Krabi. And we love the warm and friendly culture of the people.


Couple: @crissyluv__ & @bless_I_cleant

Tip: Of all the destinations that we have visited, Switzerland has been one of our absolute favorites. The views are absolutely stunning there. The majestic landscape in Switzerland is something that everyone should see in their lifetime. It looked unreal like a postcard backdrop. We are still in awe of the amazing views.

@crissyluv__ & @bless_I_cleant

Couple: @livinglifesynco & @safiya_stara

Tip: What we loved most about Mykonos was not only the breathtaking views, but the tranquil and relaxing mood we were in while staying there.

@livinglifesynco & @safiya_stara

Tip: On one of our last days in Queenstown, NZ we decided to do an impromptu road trip to Glenorchy. We got to the town and realized everything was closed but decided to wander around. We had no idea what to expect but were quickly met with a surreal sight, with the sun setting over the endless fields of lupins.


Couple: @sixandthecity & @djs1914

Tip: Traveling the world is one of the best experiences in life, but getting to see the world with the one I love is even better! Aruba is known for being “One Happy Island”, and we have truly found happiness there!


@sixandthecity & @djs1914

Couple: @ms_ashleyann & @belcheznyc

We loved the energy in Havana. Everything was vibrant, from the people to the colors of the buildings and cars. Many people of Cuba embrace their African roots and African culture is all around.

@ms_ashleyann & https:@belcheznyc

Couple: @eee4excellence & @shantellelabelle

Tip: We love traveling together because you get to enjoy unique life experiences that give you great memories. We absolutely loved everything about Jamaica. The food, the vibes, the weather, the ocean, the people.. literally everything. It made it even better that I got to enjoy it with my best friend.

@eee4excellence & @shantellelabelle

Couple: @kingronthedon & @lechicboheme

Tip: Visiting Seychelles for our Honeymoon was the most magical vacation ever. It took so long to get there from NYC but it was worth every minute. We island hopped from Mahe to Praslin to La Digue – our favorite island was hands down Praslin. It was paradise, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our 20+ countries that we’ve visited together as a couple. The water, the beaches, the views, the friendly people, the culture, the food. It was all perfect. We plan to return for our 5 or 10 year anniversary.

@kingronthedon & @lechicboheme

Couple: @drew430 & @shaq_will

Tip: We traveled to Africa last September for our 1 year wedding anniversary / Shaq's 30th birthday. During our time there we decided to spend a few days in Nairobi, Kenya. We immediately fell in love with the warmth of the Kenyan people and the richness of the culture. Nothing was more enjoyable than our time spent at Cheryl's Children's Home in Nairobi. We spent the day at the orphanage with the kids and shared stories and discussed ways we could help them. Once we returned home we started a gofundme campaign and raised enough money to provide the orphanage with a new water filtration system, new beds, food, and school supplies. We plan on returning soon to continue our mission.

@drew430 & @shaq_will

Couple: @jasmariaa & @clay.buchanan

Tip: What Clayton and I love most about traveling is experiencing different cultures. Each country has its own unique culture that you have to adjust to. It’s very eye-opening and humbling seeing the way so many others live. I encourage everyone to experience different cultures.

@jasmariaa & @clay.buchanan