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Black Travel Vibes: Experience The Ancient Sands Of Namibia

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Photo Credit: @TravelingMose
By Danielle Pointdujour · February 21, 2020

Last year travelers headed to the Motherland in record numbers to go ‘home’ to Ghana. That experience left many looking for an experience on the continent that goes deeper than tourist-friendly destinations like South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. Though it may not be as trendy as its neighbors, when it comes to who’s got next in Africa travel, Namibia wins, hands down.

Located on the southwest coast of Africa, Namibia’s unique cultural mashup (there are at least 11 different ethnic groups) and breathtaking natural wonders, are slowly helping the country rise to the top of many Black travelers’ wish list. Ancient, record-breaking deserts, amazing wildlife, diverse and friendly locals and flavorful cuisine are only a few of the things visitors can expect when they arrive.

One explorer who loves to show her peers the beauty of the African continent is Dr. Dafina Good (@dafinagood). To date, she has visited over twenty African coutries, and recently, Namibia became one of her new faves. The country showed Good a side of Africa that wowed even her and trust us, after a look at her epic journey, you’ll see the beauty of Namibia too.

Photo Credit: @TravelingMose
Photo Credit: The Olive Namibia
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Photo Credit: @TravelingMose