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Hilarious Mom Teaches Son How to Roast People

The first day of school can be scary, but this kid will definitely be prepared.

Mom teaches son to roast @supa_cent via Instagram
By Sydney Scott · August 16, 2016

Social media superstar Wuzzam Supa, recently shared a video of her son learning to roast before his first day of school.

In the video, the mom and social media star is driving her son to school. As we all know, the first day of school is nerve-racking and a little scary, but Wuzzam prepares her son by teaching him the proper way to roast someone, “You really have to utilize the stuff around you. Say if you in the cafeteria and you say ‘boy if you don’t get your milk carton head…,'” she explains, adding that a concise roast is the best roast. 

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Her son picks things up pretty quickly, shooting off some killer roasts including, “boy if you don’t get your broccoli head…” and “boy if you don’t get your stop sign looking head…” and the pair have a good time joking and roasting. It seems whatever jitters her son may have had before school completely disappear once he’s equipped with some fire roasts.