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These Frozen Cocktails Are Just What You Need To Chill Out This Weekend

These cool cocktail recipes are just what your summer ordered. 
Carefree woman resting, drinking fruit juice on beach. Getty Images
By Danielle Pointdujour · July 19, 2019

We asked for summer, and it came in with a vengeance. The country is in the middle of a heatwave and in desperate need of some cool relief.

While the kiddies (and a few big kids) have popsicles to cool off with, us hard-working adults need something a little bit stronger. To beat this summer heat, we need to get creative and put our favorite cocktails on freeze.

From wine and sangria to vodka and tequila, these tasty and chic cocktails are exactly what you and your crew need to sit back and stay chill all weekend long. Well, that and a strong air conditioner of course!

Photo Credit: The Chic Site
Photo Credit: Dessert For Two
Photo Credit: Delish