10 Best Pancake Recipes

Amber McKynzie
Sep, 26, 2016 9:09 PM UTC

In a world where pancakes are king, The Pancake Princess presents you with a fruity rendition of the breaded breakfast dish.

If you love a good PB+J sandwich for lunch, then you'll love My Recipes' PB+J stuffed pancakes for breakfast.

Thanks to The Pancake Princess, cinnamon and sugar will always make a boring breakfast come to life!

Forget what you know about chicken and waffles and try Country Living's chicken and pancakes.

Try Country Living's modern-day approach to your grandma's famous bread pudding!

Carrot cake isn't just for holidays and birthdays anymore; just ask My Recipes.

Thanks to My Recipes, banana pancakes and pomegranate syrup are the perfect way to start your day.

Cover your Country Living buttermilk pancakes in syrup, butter, honey or anything else your heart desires.

This Pancake Princess recipe is for every kid who argued with their mom over whether or not they could have chocolate cake for breakfast!

My Recipes' coconut-flavored pancakes with strawberry topping are guaranteed energy booster any day of the week.