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5 Astrology Apps To Download Right Now If You're Obsessed With Your Star Sign

Attention all horoscope junkies, this one is for you!

Ready, Set, Download!

By Lauren Porter · January 24, 2017

This one's for the ladies who always need to know what the future holds!

This app helps tap into all facets of your zodiac and provides tools to help you live your best life mind, body and spirit. With a daily and weekly love and career horoscopes, daily and weekly money and health horoscopes and extra insights on fitness, wellness, emotions, creativity, intuition and more.

Get in the zone with this app and learn all you can about your star sign. Susan Miller's Astrology Zone offers a full dose on what you can expect with a monthly forecast based on your horoscope. Does it get much better than that?

Need help identifying your Sun, Moon and Rising signs? This app has you covered. Plus, you'll get unique horoscope readings based on your birth chart for a more personal and insightful info for your daily consumption.

Traditional tarot cards are a thing of the past and this app is the next best thing! Learning the meaning behind tarot cards has never been so easy or engaging. With adequate understanding of readings whether you're a tarot beginner or expert, the app is a great tool for all of those who want in on the fun.