New Year's Eve

How to Get The Perfect Eye For New Year's Eve

Rihanna Beauty Shot
Deena Campbell
Dec, 29, 2014 11:11 AM UTC

The new year is all about new beginnings and if you’re looking to bring in the new year with confidence, you’ve come to the right place. We asked 20-year celebrity beauty guru, Brandon Liberati, to help us with a few “eye-deas” so you can take your mind off your makeup and concentrate on the midnight lip-lock.


The 6-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Dark Romance gives metallic and matte shades for numerous NYE looks. Start by applying a lighter shimmer just under the brow as a highlighter. Then apply a purple color from the crease of your eye all of the way down to the lash line, use the same color and carry it around the bottom lash line. Use the rich navy color as a liner and then be sure to add one of the lighter metallic shimmers in the palette to the inside corner of the eye for a festive finish.

To achieve a vintage look apply a matte shadow that is a few shades lighter and cooler than your skin tone all over the entire eye from the brow to the upper lash line. Next, apply an opalescent shimmer shadow layering it just above and in the crease of the eye. Then take a lighter bone tone from the corner of your eye all the way across the lower lid above the lash line. Make sure to blend the lid well for a very soft appearance.

Bring in 2015 like Beyonce with this beautiful bronze and gold palette. First apply a light natural tan under the brow bone. Next, apply a darker taupe all over the lid and underneath the lower lash line and blend. Brush a glittering layer of bronze shadow over the taupe from the inside corner of your eye to the outer edge. Take your gilded gold eye shadow and apply a concentrated amount to the center of your lids (do not cover the entire eye) add a splash of gold in the inside corners. Wrap up this look with a deep charcoal shadow at the lash line.