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13 Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles Worth Jumping the Broom For

You’ve ordered the lawn chairs, triple checked the floral arrangements and strategically mapped out the seating chart. And while logistics for your wedding are important, the hairstyle for your big day deserves just as much consideration. After all, no one will be talking about the center pieces if your hair is wreck. Be the center of attention for all the right reasons with one of these gorgeous bridal hairstyles spotted on Pinterest. 

Tapered Twist Out

Courtesy of Pinterest/Emily CottonTop
By Jennifer Ford · November 14, 2016

If you want to give longer hair more texture, loose waves are a great option.

Courtesy of Pinterest/captured by love

You should feel like a goddess on your wedding day and what can make you feel more regal then a beautiful goddess braid?

Courtesy of Pinterest/Nathalie Smith

Amp up your typical rod set by styling them to the side with stylish hair clips. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Aba Tyus

Add dimension to your wedding hair with a timeless pump

Courtesy of Pinterest/Amber Shannon

To keep your locs out of your face, roll them into this gorgeous inverse French roll

Courtesy of Pinterest/Nathalie Smith

Instead of tedious pinning and curling, rock a messy updo that looks perfectly polished. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Mikhail Semaev

Romance curls and weddings seem like a no brainier.  Wear them down over your shoulder or pin them up into a lovely updo. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Anna M

If you’re not a fan of updos but you want to keep your hair out of your face, fashion your wedding locks into a classy low bun

Courtesy of Pinterest/Fashion Trend Seeker

Pin curls are the ultimate go-to hairstyle for weddings. They’re soft and beautiful, reduce the chances of you sweating out your curls, and will last past beyond the moment you say “I do”. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Magic Wedding Ideas

This bridal bun is hair goals. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Dezdemon Hairstyles

For your special day, up the ante with your everyday twist out by trying this tapered variation. 

Courtesy of Pinterest/Emily CottonTop

Soften things up a notch with a twisted goddess braid

Courtesy of Pinterest/Nina.

This twisted mohawk is the perfect combination of elegance and edge. 

Courtesy of Pinterest