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Yes, You Can Use Turmeric On Your Natural Hair With These Products 

Tumeric Hair Products

By Samantha Callender · March 27, 2018

Every year it seems as if there’s a new superfood taking the health and beauty world by storm. First, it was acai, then it was kale, and now it’s turmeric.

While it’s a trendy cooking ingredient, there really are several beneficial properties to turmeric for beauty. Not only is turmeric great for digestion and healing of the body when ingested, it also strengthens and repairs hair. The benefits make it a great addition to hair care products for strong and healthy strands.

Check out a few products on the market for hair that contain turmeric and add it to your natural hair care arsenal!

This balm soothes skin and calms inflammation, perfect for use along the hairline to prevent dryness.

$8.99 available at Coco Kind

Combined with coconut oil, this oil with hydrate and moisturize both the scalp and the body.

$19 available at Amazon

This shampoo cleanses hair and scalp of build-up and bacteria, and enriches hair with oils and minerals.

$9.99 available at Alaffia

Use this oil to not only nourish strands, but to also soothe and enrich scalp with nutrients.

$11 available at Allpa Botanicals

This supplement is great not only for its antioxidants, but also for its ability to prevent inflammation in the skin and to promote hair growth.

$41.99 available at Amazong