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Frustrated with Transitioning? Learn Tips To Keep The Momentum Going

Transitioning is not a walk in the park...well then again if it is, the walk is definitely a long one especially as a first time transitioner! Here are 5 tips to keep the momentum going—even during those horrible "I want to cut all my hair off NOW" moments!

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By Cipriana Quann · February 11, 2015

I know it may sound cliche' but it is the same advice after a breakup...stay busy. Focus on that project you never can seem to complete, concentrate harder on your fitness routine, or even join a book club. My point is find what you love and you won't be entirely focused on every millimeter of improvement or beat your self up on every small failure.

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We all know chemicals are not a girl's best friend but there is an alternate solution to a trick that I use to do to keep the momentum going while transitioning. Take an inch size in diameter of strands and color the new growth with organically derived ingredients (ingredients in most organic hair colors are 98-99% natural). Color the strip of hair in an accessible area but hidden where you can keep track of new growth. You will be amazed to see how fast new growth comes in when you have a clear indication between the two states of hair.

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Ever use a journal as a child to to note your most glorious, embarrassing, or just ordain moments...well keeping a daily or weekly journal of all your progressions and failures will give you a more accurate and useful guide. Keep track of any changes in your routine, how often do you seal, what products do you use (including ingredients), daily manipulation/styling, changes in diet/supplement intake, etc. A journal is a real time tool, equipping you with a better understanding of exactly why your routine could be beneficial or debilitating.

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I for one LOVE protective styles and incorporate them into my hair routine everyday! Though on the other hand, I know for others, they would rather not be bothered, but for those transitioning, protective styling can be your ultimate savoir.

The point along the strand where the natural new growth and chemically altered meet, is commonly known as the "demarcation" line. This point is extremely fragile and constant manipulation such as styling will lead you down a road of breakage. One of the surefire ways to reduce hair shaft damage is protective styling. Try alternating between twists, braids or updos (always make sure any style you choose are not pulled in a taunt fashion). Remember even if protective styling is not your cup tea at least incorporate this tip twice or every other week.

Nothing keeps the motivation going than feeding off the photos and videos of your favorite hair crushes, especially those who have transitioned. YouTube is a goldmine for finding similar women who have been there and done that. Becoming familiar with what to expect from when those transitioning woes rears its little head will relieve some of the frustration, and bring some sanity.

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