Top Tricks to Getting Smooth, Air-Dried Hair

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Mar, 03, 2015 11:11 AM UTC

I love to periodically pass my hands through my hair while it’s drying. Smoothing my hair out with my hands stretches out my hair, giving it structure and direction while drying.

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Detangle when the hair is 50% dry. Hair becomes stronger as it dries so wait until your hair is halfway dry before detangling.

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Blow-drying with cool air is by far my favorite! It speeds up drying time plus the cool blast of air helps to close my cuticles. Cuticles that are lying flat give shine and deliver silky smooth hair.

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Giving your hair a cold-water rinse after you’ve deep conditioned will quickly close any open cuticles. Open cuticles create tangles to form in your tresses making the hair feel rough.

Are you a fan of air-drying? How do you prevent frizz and keep your hair straight?

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