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Best Ways To Retain Length With Relaxed Hair

Retaining length is probably one of the hardest goals to achieve while on a hair journey. Many are convinced that their hair doesn't grow, but the truth is, your hair is breaking and as a result you're not getting any hang time. 

In order to retain length, you must start with the ends. The condition of the ends of your hair will determine the amount of length you retain, so baby them! Here are 4 key factors that have helped me retain length.

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By Hairlicious Inc. · September 25, 2014

Leave your hair alone! Try finger combing, that way you don't lose hair unnecessarily. If you need to detangle, use a wide tooth shower comb to do so, but finger detangle first! Opt for styles that require no heat i.e. buns, braid outs, twist outs etc. Give your hair a break and it will thank you for it.

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Deep conditioning restores strength and elasticity making the strands more resilient. Strong hair equals less breakage, and less breakage equals length retention. Deep conditioning is best done with heat (heating cap, steamer, hooded dryer) for 20-30mins or 1hr without heat.

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Reduce hair manipulation/combing by incorporating buns, braids, clipped up/updo's, weaves and wigs into your regimen. Keeping the ends protected from outside elements is essential for hair health and length retention. Wearing a satin/silk scarf prevents dryness in the hair.