Protective Styling 101: Beautiful Yarn Twists and Locs To Inspire Your Next 'Do

yarn braids @cydneyo
Jennifer Ford
Jun, 22, 2018 6:06 PM UTC

There’s plenty of reasons to stop by your local craft store this summer, especially if you’re looking for a fresh protective style. It’s where you’ll find aisles of quintessential accessories that will make you strands pop, including beads and the most coveted trimming of the season: yarn.

Aside from knitting, the wool spun material is perfect for protective styling and often used as an alternative to braiding hair when fashioning faux locs and twists because of its durability, coarse texture, and affordable price point. Not to mention, it’s humidity proof and comes in an assortment of vibrant colors to make your protective styles stand out.

Kick the summer off strong with a fly out of the box hairstyle like these beautiful yarn looks we spotted on Instagram.


We love this gravity-defying style.

The face you make when you're pretty in pink.

This blonde bob is pretty fresh!

We're swooning over these virescent twist.

This purple protective style is popping.

Get you a girl who can do both!

We love these gorgeous jumbo twist.

These yarn twists look like they're growing out of her scalp.#amazing

Bring the flavor by copying these salt and pepper twist.

These kaleidoscope colored space buns are giving us Afropunk feels.

If our hair was this lit, we'd be smiling ear to ear too.

These cotton candy twist are spot on for the festival season.

We love how she used yarn to created these chunky locs.

She's slayin' these grey tasseled twist.

These yarn locs are the perfect blend.

This style is the defintion of mellow yellow.