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Protective Styles 101: Must-See Feed-In Braids

By Jennifer Ford · June 19, 2018

Hair braiding is an art form, and like any craft, there’s always room to improve your technique. If you’re ready to step up your hair braiding game this season, then get familiar with feed-in braids: A method that creates an illusion of natural, thicker, and longer cornrows, by feeding synthetic hair into natural plaits.

This approach blends natural and synthetic textures seamlessly and protects the health of your edges by reducing tension along the hairline. If cornrows are your protective style of choice this summer, then this is one hack to master.

To see what feed-in braids look like IRL, take a look at the dope coiffures below.

These neat and natural-looking cornrows check all the boxes.

We normally hate looking at the back of someone's head, but we can't stop staring at these dope ombre feed-in braids.

A little color goes a long way.