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11 Salon Experts Who Actually Know Their Stuff

Whether it’s natural, relaxed, or weaved, black hair always makes a statement. The key to having a flawless mane is by using the best products and styling tips, but also by making sure you consult an expert on the best regimen for your hair. Here, we’ve found some of the best experts behind healthy and strong black stresses that you can reference for your own locks.

Young woman under hair dryer Stewart Cohen
By Samantha Callender · November 24, 2016

Her YouTube page has racked up the views and subscribers, but beyond the social media fame, Maria really knows her stuff when it comes to easy, do it yourself styles and the best products for black hair.





Known for his crisp lines and sharp undercuts, this barber does amazing designs in black hair on both men and women.




This stylist’s career took off after his videos of him slaying cuts and wigs went viral. Known for his precise lines and protective installs of weaves and wigs, Anthony has become a go-to stylist for black hair.


Serving as a beauty ambassador for the Shea Moisture family of products, this natural hair care expert is sought after for her knowledge on how to maintain strong and healthy hair, naturally of course. 




Having gotten his start by slaying hairstyling videos on social media, Tokyo has gone on to become a quite a name in the industry. He’s the go-to hairstylist of celebs like Karrueche Tran, Kylie Jenner, and Lil Kim, among others. He also is known for his custom wig units and hair styling master classes.





This expert shares her knowledge in all things black hair and beauty as the Editor of Blackhair Magazine, in addition running her successful personal blog “The Cocoa Diaries."




This hair maven has been in the industry over 20 years, and aside from her knowledge, also runs a highly successful salon and has a line of hair care products.




This NYC based hairstylist and owner of The Wellington Hair Spa  is known for his attention to detail and chic cuts. Check him out if you’re ever in Chelsea, NY.


Tamika is the co-owner of Natural Resources Salon and Earth's Nectar Products in Houston, Texas. Aside from also creating social media tutorials, Tamika frequently is a go-to hair care expert on panels and at conferences in the South.


Known as the natural hair guru, Isis has made a name for herself through her usage of natural ingredients on black hair. Brantley is also the founder of Naturally Isis, a brand dedicated to educating others on the healing powers of natural hair.


Dickey is the trusted stylist of countless celebs and co-founder of the renowned NYC-based salon Hair Rules

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