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These Humidity-Proof Hair Products Are Basically Raincoats for Your Blowout

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Marianne Mychaskiw
May, 22, 2017 10:10 AM UTC

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

When an umbrella or raincoat can only do so much, these humidity-proof mists, creams, and gels will pick up their slack. We put together a list of the best products for blocking out the elements, whether you want to work your natural curls, or don’t want to compromise your blowout. Scroll down to shop our favorites now.

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Even on the rainiest days, a final veil of this stuff post-blowout will keep the style's shape until the storm passes.

$14 available at Sephora

What holds your style in place, blocks out the elements, and leaves the soft, touchable texture of your hair intact? Mizani's lightweight mist, of course, which has added UV filters to keep the sun from fading your hue.

$17 available at Ulta

Just because you're trying to maintain a frizz-free appearance, doesn't mean you have to compromise your volume. A quick blast of Joico's aerosol will keep your look at its just-styled perfection, preventing the humidity from weighing it down, or causing it to expand.

$13 available at Jet

Part gel, part oil, completely awesome. The clear formula is just strong enough to create a flexible barrier around each ringlet, as the cupacu-rich oil base keeps the texture soft to the touch.

$34 available at Sephora

In addition to the weather-proof shield, we're also big fans of the glossy shine this spray imparts.

$23 available at Ulta

A blend of wheat proteins and flexible polymers multitask to prevent humid air from deconstructing your curls, while providing a shield against heat from your blow-dryer and diffuser combo.

$26 available at Sephora

This isn't your old-school hair gel—the addition of coconut and moringa oils keep ringlets from getting too stiff or crunchy.

$26 available at Sephora