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These Under $50 Heating Caps Will Take Deep Conditioning To The Next Level

hooded cap Getty Images
Samantha Callender
Mar, 02, 2017 1:01 PM UTC

While we know that less is more when it comes to applying heat to natural tresses, there are certain times in which adding more to your routine actually comes in handy.  

When you’re doing a deep conditioner or moisturizing treatment, hooded caps provide direct heat to strands, which in turn, maximize the benefits of your treatment.  

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Whether you’re looking for a new heating cap to try, or want to try one for the first time, we’ve unearthed a few affordable ones to take for a test drive- and they’re all available on Amazon!  

Conair is a brand you can trust, and their bonnet dryer is convenient in size and drying time, no matter the thickness of your hair.

$25 available at Amazon

A great option for when you want your curls to absorb a deep conditioner or hydrating mask.

$24 available at Amazon

This bonnet attaches to your hair dryer so you can control the heating and cooling options. 

$19 available at Amazon

This electric-controlled cap provides full coverage and evenly distributes heat to your head.

$17 available at Amazon

The iconic boxer brings her brand to a new level with a line of beauty products. This purple satin cap makes you feel like a champ- and your curls will look victorious, too! 

$35 available at Amazon

Pop this cap in the microwave for added thermal heat and provide an ultra moisturizing boost to your deep conditioning treatment.

$40 available at Amazon

A cap that uses gel to deliver heat. Just microwave and place it over your tresses.

$15 available at Amazon

With three different heating settings, you can control the level of intensity delivered to your tresses.

$28 available at Amazon

This cordless cap is perfect for when you want to deep condition while cleaning the house.

$47 available at Amazon

Designed as a cute turban, this wrap utilizes a warming gel that remains activated for up to 30 minutes. 

$30 available at Amazon

Adjust the heat on this salon style cap to your liking. 

$30 available at Amazon