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7 Best Hair Apps For Naturalistas

These top-rated downloads will completely transform your hair journey. 

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By Bukky Ojeifo · March 29, 2017

We’ve always been fascinated by companies who are able to juxtapose hair and technology. An individual’s hair journey is very singular, while technology is generally labeled as impersonal and for the masses.

But these hair apps have mastered the art of creating experiences that cover all bases, but still feel individualized. Keep reading for the 411 on seven free apps that are epically changing the hair game!

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Gone are the days when you spent weeks waiting to see a dermatologist and figure out what’s going on with your hair or scalp! SkyMD is an app that will connect you with a doctor to diagnose and treat common hair, skin and nail conditions. Simply create a profile, connect with your dermatologist online through the app, fill out a questionnaire and snap some photos of your condition for a personalized treatment plan! Cool, right?!


Are you one of those beauties that likes to track the progress of your individual hair goals? Then the Hair Journal app is for you! Equipped to track your hair growth, it also logs dates when you get a cut/trim and allows you to keep a running record of products you use all in ONE single place. This app is the answer to all your hair prayers!


Ever read the back of a hair product label and have no idea what all the science-y words mean and how that can affect your hair? Try out the Think Dirty app. This app is great because it rates your beauty products on a scale from one to ten on the "dirty meter.” Simply scan your favorite products and see how healthy they really are! 


The Myavana app is the epitome of how technology is able to transition from self-service to online customer service because of a unique chat feature that connects you with expert engineers and cosmetologists! With a Myavana membership, you are able to send your hair strands to their facility and obtain a scientific assessment of your texture, porosity and elasticity! 


At home hair service apps are revolutionizing the way that we traditionally set up hair appointments. The TressNoire app not only allows you to find amazing professional natural hairstylists, but also comes equipped with a blog that offers tips and tricks for customers. 


Looking to get a protective style from the comfort of your home? Try out the Yeluchi by Unruly.com app that specializes in protective hair services by a licensed professional! Download their app to set up appointment. 


We’ve searched high and low for an app that can accurately simulate color optionswithout the weird halo effect around the face. We've finally found it with the Style My Hair by L'Oreal app! Simply upload a clear image of you that showcases your hair and explore the options!