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5 Hair Styling Tools That Are Rarely Cleaned, But Should Be Often

What’s the point in spending all of your energy and hard earned coins on washing and maintaining your hair, only to use tools that are dirty and full of product buildup? Cleaning your styling tools is easy to forget, but should be an integral part of your hair care routine. Here's a quick refresher on how to sanitize the most overlooked ones.  

Hair Combs

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By Bukky Ojeifo · May 3, 2017

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Having a good hair brush is imperative to creating some of our favorite sleek styles, but because of their relatively inexpensive cost and frequent use, we tend to forget about cleaning them. Think of your hair brushes as makeup brushes. By not cleaning them, you are putting old product, bacteria and dirt on your hair.


Cleaning Tip: Clean your brushes thoroughly every 1-3 weeks by taking a pencil and lifting the hair from the base of the brush. Wash the brush using a clarifying shampoo, thoroughly rinse with warm water and allow the brush to air dry.

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Product buildup can leave your hair extra dirty, so cleaning your combs is very important.


Cleaning Tip: Clean your combs immediately after use by simply removing the hair in the teeth of the comb. If you have product buildup on your comb, soak it in warm water and shampoo for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

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Ever use one of your heat tools and suddenly become distracted by a musky scent? It's most likely due to product build up coating the plates of your iron! Using a dirty curling iron/flat iron will damage and weight the hair down, causing it to look super greasy and smell. 


Cleaning Tip: Cleaning a heat tool is super easy! Take a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol and wipe away product buildup. Be sure to get all the gunk in the tiny crevices of the iron. After this, wipe down with damp cloth and let the tool air dry.

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Yep! Your trusted blow dryer also needs to be cleaned. You may be wondering, "how does a blow- dryer get dirty?" The answer is simple: lint, dust, hair and product are often trapped in the vent. And when you avoid cleaning it, your hair becomes susceptible to damage and the blow dryer itself has a shorter shelf life.


Cleaning Tip: Unplug the blow dryer and locate the air vent of the dryer (usually at the back or side). Remove the air vent panel and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it clean! If you can’t remove the panel, try to use the cloth to clean through the opening of the panel. Properly replace the vent cover and plug the dryer and on low speed, letting it run for a few seconds to to release any small particles that may haven fallen into the dryer while cleaning!

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They're the real MVPs in our hair care arsenal because they spice up any outfit and make "bad hair days" nonexistent. But because these accessories are used so frequently and tend to collect lots of product and oil from our scalps, it is essential that we take the time to clean them.


Cleaning Tip: Cleaning hair accessories truly depends on how often you use them, but hand washing with clarifying shampoo and warm water after every 1-2 uses is the general rule of thumb. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. We'd also suggest not including them in your laundry load because detergent can be harmful on your strands!

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