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14 Underrated Black-Owned Hair Products For Your Spring Arsenal

underrated black-owned hair products

Samantha Callender
May, 04, 2017 5:05 PM UTC

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This conditioner keeps hair smooth and hydrated, while preventing frizz. 

$14 available at Walmart

This hair butter adds extreme moisture to natural curls. 

$16 available at Target

This unique blend gives strength and restoration to dry hair.

$15 available at Target

This black woman-owned product adds an extra boost of moisture to the hair and scalp. 

$18 available at LivSo

This oil is packed with multi vitamins that promote the retention of moisture to the scalp and hair.

$12 available at Target

A super hydrating oil spray by a vegan line that restores shine and strength to strands.

$10 available at Target

This moisturizing milk delivers intense shea from root to tip.

$16 available at Soultanicals

This balm provides moisture and shine to the hair using all natural ingredients.

$7 available at Target

This conditioner utilizes macadamia nuts to deliver an intense oil treatment to your strands. 

$12 available at Be Huetiful

This oil penetrates the hair shaft, delivering moisture that actually lasts.

$25 available at Koils by Nature

Give your hair a little avocado love for deep nourishment. 

$20 available at Bee Mine Organics

This cream is made from all natural ingredients that nourish and protect strands.

$14 available at Bask and Bloom Essentials

An organic handmade product that tames frizz and defines curls. 

$15 available at NUMA

This thick pomade protects strands and seals in moisture.

$17 available at Etsy