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19 Affordable Black-Owned Hair Products That Deserve Space In Your Dorm Room

There's a long list of popular Black-owned haircare lines that continue to dominate store shelves, but there are hundreds of other budding brands that are just as deserving of your coin. Whether you’re looking to deep condition, hydrate or style, these indie brands probably have a product you need. Take a peek and find a new beauty favorite.

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By Samantha Callender · August 16, 2017

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Use this vegan custard to whip your frizzy curls back into shape.

$15 available at Target

Use this creme as a sealant to lock in moisture and to take care of those split ends.

$20 available at Bekura Beauty

This cruelty-free leave-in is suitable for both natural srands and protective styles. 

$14 available at Anita Grant

This detangler and moisturizer is like a glass of cold water for dry, over-processed hair. 

$14 available at Target

Shea Butter is a must have for hydrating textured hair, and this brand delivers the rich product at a price that won’t break your pockets.

$6 available at Asim Supreme

Use this to hydrate and breath new life into dry strands.

$7 available at Alodia Haircare

You won’t find petroleum or alcohol in this twisting gel that nourishes your locs.

$14 available at Belle Butters

Use this concoction to give yourself a hot oil treatment, or apply daily as a moisturizer.

$15 available at Pooka

Using a cocktail of oils, this product moisturizes and nourishing the delicate skin on your scalp to prevent and relieve any flaking or dryness.

$16 available at Earthtone Naturals

This product allows you to deep clean your scalp and roots everyday without drying out the strands. 

$20 available at Curl Junkie

Using natural butters, this souffle wraps curls in moisture to hydrate and de-frizz your curl pattern.

$16 available at curLUXE

Grab this edge control that uses aloe vera to lay and nourish edges without flaking. 

$14 available at Envii Haircare

This vegan and cruelty-free product uses aloe vera juice and coconut milk to help detangles hair. 

$19 available at Femme Noire

Hydrate, condition and soften with this treatment that not only leaves your strands feeling smooth, but smelling delicious as well.

$14 available at Kurlee Belle

Lock in moisture and hydration with this formula that's infused with avocado, argan, macadamia, castor and meadowfoam seed oils.

$17 available at Moisture Love

This product gives your scalp a super deep clean, removing product buildup and sloughing away dead skin.

$11 available at My Honey Child

This weightless products hydrates and protects without weighing your hair down or making it super oily.

$15 available at Natasha Somalia


This refreshing spray gives your hair a quick boost of shine and hydration throughout the day.

$12 available at Smooth Naturals

Bring your curls back to life with this botanical-infused gel.

$18 available at SDot Beauty
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