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19 Affordable Black-Owned Hair Products That Deserve Space In Your Dorm Room

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Samantha Callender
Aug, 16, 2017 8:08 PM UTC

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Use this vegan custard to whip your frizzy curls back into shape.

$15 available at Target

Use this creme as a sealant to lock in moisture and to take care of those split ends.

$20 available at Bekura Beauty

This cruelty-free leave-in is suitable for both natural srands and protective styles. 

$14 available at Anita Grant

This detangler and moisturizer is like a glass of cold water for dry, over-processed hair. 

$14 available at Target

Shea Butter is a must have for hydrating textured hair, and this brand delivers the rich product at a price that won’t break your pockets.

$6 available at Asim Supreme

Use this to hydrate and breath new life into dry strands.

$7 available at Alodia Haircare

You won’t find petroleum or alcohol in this twisting gel that nourishes your locs.

$14 available at Belle Butters

Use this concoction to give yourself a hot oil treatment, or apply daily as a moisturizer.

$15 available at Pooka

Using a cocktail of oils, this product moisturizes and nourishing the delicate skin on your scalp to prevent and relieve any flaking or dryness.

$16 available at Earthtone Naturals

This product allows you to deep clean your scalp and roots everyday without drying out the strands. 

$20 available at Curl Junkie

Using natural butters, this souffle wraps curls in moisture to hydrate and de-frizz your curl pattern.

$16 available at curLUXE

Grab this edge control that uses aloe vera to lay and nourish edges without flaking. 

$14 available at Envii Haircare

This vegan and cruelty-free product uses aloe vera juice and coconut milk to help detangles hair. 

$19 available at Femme Noire

Hydrate, condition and soften with this treatment that not only leaves your strands feeling smooth, but smelling delicious as well.

$14 available at Kurlee Belle

Lock in moisture and hydration with this formula that's infused with avocado, argan, macadamia, castor and meadowfoam seed oils.

$17 available at Moisture Love

This product gives your scalp a super deep clean, removing product buildup and sloughing away dead skin.

$11 available at My Honey Child

This weightless products hydrates and protects without weighing your hair down or making it super oily.

$15 available at Natasha Somalia


This refreshing spray gives your hair a quick boost of shine and hydration throughout the day.

$12 available at Smooth Naturals

Bring your curls back to life with this botanical-infused gel.

$18 available at SDot Beauty