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11 Scalp and Strand Products That Will Keep Your Protective Style Photo-Ready

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Jennifer Ford
Oct, 04, 2016 2:02 PM UTC

Alleviate dryness and itchiness with this nourishing oil that contains pure shea butter, tea tree oil and jojoba oil. All three promote stronger and healthier hair, while nourishing and conditioning the scalp.  This product is especially recommended for use under weaves, hair extensions and braids. $6,

Thoroughly cleanse the natural hair underneath your protective style with this sulfate-free cleanser, made with tea tree oil and neem oil to treat an itchy scalp. Designed with a nozzle tip, this product can flow through any style and wash away impurities without making a mess. $17,

This moisturizing formula is great for reviving dry, dull, and brittle hair. Shea butter and jojoba oil help to condition the hair while sweet almond oil extract strengthen and protect it from breakage. $12,

Condition,strengthen and moisturize brittle hair while stimulating hair growth with this spot serum. Apply directly to problem areas under your protective style twice daily. $7,

Remove dirt and oil buildup with this clarifying scalp treatment. It detoxifies, soothes and instantly relieves itchiness and irritation. Perfect for sprucing up braids, wigs and other protective styles. $5,

Reduce shedding after taking out your protective style with daily use of this moisturizing leave- in conditioner that softens, strengthens, and condition your strands. $13,

Unclog blocked pores and deeply penetrate your scalp with this conditioning oil, formulated to stimulate hair growth. Apply product directly to the scalp and under your protective style. $12,

Nourish edges and prevent breakage/thinning with this moisturizing temple balm. This product is great for using under wigs and stocking caps. $7, 

Prep, protect and moisturize your strands while rocking protective styles with this light-weight leave in treatment that provides 25 benefits in just a few pumps. This unique formula shields hair from environmental aggressors, prevents split ends, seals cuticles and primes hair for styling. $20,

This blend of light oils penetrate the hair shaft to revitalize dry strands and relieve congested scalp, without weighing down the hair and clogging pores. $8,

Feed your protective style all of the juices and berries it needs with this revitalizing spray. Besides the sweet smell, your second day hair is bound to look brand new in minutes. $14,